Build An Off-Grid Treehouse | 33

Build An Off-Grid Treehouse | 33

Today Jack’s treehouse gets a simple DIY trap door mod that will prevent the kids from getting brained in the head. Using a small pulley, rope, and a brake rotor for a counter weight the treehouse door will open and close slowly.

Makita Drill Used In This Video:

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Ernest Boatwright says:

love the manlee man and your closeing insight

peershaunm says:

you need to lube the bit.

Shanna Heckler says:

So i made it too . just by using inplix scripts:)

israr khan says:

hi bro you can put on the door a car trunk strut that,s better from a rope and that car brack dick

PsychoStuey says:

This is how we have nice things

robert stirling says:

suggestion. Turn the pulley 180 degrees to get the rope further out of the way and also feed the rope through the vent holes in the brake disc to avoid rope wear.

Aussie Tim says:

Great job! If you contact/glue a thin layer of laminex or vinyl to both the other side of the weight and the back wall you could loose most of that noise. (not that it matters)

Kalvin One says:

Can you do a video how to create a big secured lift (4 people and 1 scooter) ? Thanks so much

Tom Legrady says:

I love the brake rotor as a counterweight, the trap door works perfectly! But maybe I'm weird, the noise of the metal grinding on the wood irritates me. I would put some masonite or leather on the wall behind the weight, slap on some thick grease, so it runs silently.

MrCube17 says:

The counterweighted trap-door is brilliant – a touch of luxury

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