Building a Treehouse

Building a Treehouse

This is the start of a Treehouse I’m building for my kids. Phase two will follow.



Samantha Lamb says:

What are those metal brackets called that you used to hold the joists against the tree ?

Matak Car says:

Me and my friends have club secret club and we want to make a tree house so thank you!!!

adam D jones says:

useless video

Nicole Reyes says:

i waise my time watching for 2 minutes ughhh

crazy cat says:

you used duct tape to hold the base?okay…

daddy biz says:

I need to be part of this how do I connect please

Ben Brock says:

When I was about 8 or 9, a friend and I built a 3 level treehouse with a huge deck on the first level out of a pile of scrap wood and a big box of nails we lifted off of his dad. We camped out in it all the time during the summer. Sad to say nowadays kids are too soft and/or lazy to do things like that (mine included), and we fathers resort to building treehouses for them instead. What kind of society have we become that is afraid to let our children learn by trial and error and build something amazing for themselves? 

Hamppupalaa Perkele says:

It's like a real-life minecraft.

Spidermanfan1979 says:

I built a 8'x6' treehouse 20' high between four trees when I was about 13. I only used nails and it lasted 20 years until another tree fell on it.

Gene Laratonda says:

the two lag screws on top and bottom of the metal plates are way too close together and will cause a dead spot in the tree, which will rot, and which will come out. use just one hole on top and one hole on bottom if anyone builds this.

Sean Ince says:

what that song called

Pam Quin says:

quelle idée de planter des clous ou des tire-fonds dans un arbre censé vivre pour supporter cette cabane… stupide… ce n'est pas comme ça que vois enfants apprendront le respect de la nature….

shad0w1pegasis says:

is that not a tree platform cos its got no walls of a roof?

Ashley Storey says:

idot screwed bolts into a living tree stupid people

ZephaGaming says:

whats the name of this tune?

MrBurnTec says:

buy a shed and cut a big hole out of the middle

Hassan Abbas says:

I hate nailing trees.

dsf0404 says:

you can do it.

dsf0404 says:

see my walls on the second post.

dsf0404 says:

$900.00 to date.

dsf0404 says:

Sorry. English please.

dsf0404 says:

Pressure treated joist and subfloor. Walls are doug fir with exterior grade sheathing used for sheds.

dsf0404 says:

see second post under dsf0404.

toppertruthio says:

ok i wanna see phase 2….make sure you put it up

kissoff says:

oh i thought it would be easier but it seems that i need some experts with me right? :LL it wont be easy…

Siddarth Shah says:

With which wood u hav made the tree house?

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