Building an Amazing Treehouse

Building an Amazing Treehouse

It’s been almost a year since I got the idea to build a treehouse. It’s a single tree treehouse, 11m high, 6mx6m octagon. Still some little things to be finished, but it’s getting there.

SONGS (in order)

Floppy Circus – Better Days To Come

Engelwood – Didn’t I

Birocratic – Tony’s Belated Breakfast

Engelwood – one.step.ahead

saib. – Smooth

Brandon – Sunset Heights

Joakim Karud – Vacation

XIXX (Jeff Kaale) – One For The Good Times

XIXX (Jeff Kaale) – Road Trip

XIXX (Jeff Kaale) x Engelwood – Juice Box

XIXX (Jeff Kaale) – That Day




Alejandra Garcia says:


Mystic Fawn says:

Amazing… But..: SPLINTERS lol

MMB king says:

İdiot Fuck you

MMB king says:

Du yu need a treehaus no if you don't need dis why building you dis you have mony buy a hous for you

MMB king says:

Why you kill trees? Fuck you idiot bech

Lucas Eleutério da Silveira says:

Where is this place?

vinoth kumar says:

nice work congratulations

Skylar says:

27:00 the blonde one is cutee, what's his insta? cringe

Billie Hawkins says:

I wood like to see a plan on tree house

D CarrStar says:

This for me was absolutely amazing to watch. One of the ultimate guy experiences. No gloves or safety googles and it's perfectly fine with me, just means there's no pansies around. Risking it a little is what living life is all about. I bet these young men feel like they can do anything.

fasdf efa says:

I saw a guy built a treehouse using only stones.

Ro Bică says:

fututi mortii ma-tii de nepot

이현수 says:

애들은 목장갑도 없네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Shantanu Rawat says:

humans need to learn from birds , that we don't need to harm nature by cutting trees to enjoy it or to fulfill our needs. Have I offended someone?

Marvin McNeil says:

I think very unsafe measurements going here with not wearing saw pants in the saw helmet

Alejandro Guardiola says:


حسوني الريس says:

هذوله الي فاهمين الدنيه صح 😂😂

CelentAle says:

No respect nature… Idiot's 😑😠

Segy89 says:

really nice, but too heavy

Corrupt j says:

lol when starting

Mhao Odyuo says:

i like this kind of video no talking no bullshit just right on the money.

ABakhsh H says:

hard work forever pays..

Isaac Hernández says:

Esta padre la casa pero todos los árboles talados

زراعة الاسطح says:

عمل رائع

David Taylor says:

Who else looked away when he was welding?

Eben Vargas says:

Los anuncios de Instagram están cada vez más estupidos

TheSupermolgan says:

holy shit this is amazing!

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