Design and Build Your Own Tree House

Design and  Build Your Own Tree House

Designer and artist David Parfitt takes you on a 4 week journey on how to design and build your very own tree house.

In this course you will be given a creative insight into how to build extraordinary treehouses. It covers the technology and principles needed to design a treehouse that meets your needs, along with ideas and practical skills that will enable you to build your own treehouse. You will also be given ways to approach most of the situations that you are likely to meet in a planning a treehouse and inventive ways of solving the problems associated with this fascinating activity.

During this course I will give you all the information that you will need to make a basic treehouse, one that will be adaptable enough for your tree to make its own, and for you to elaborate on to make a glorious treehouse. I will also offer suggestions on creative ways of customising your structure. We will cover design considerations, making platforms for the three basic types of tree, materials and fastenings and safety issues



SavagePatchKid says:

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Treehouse Rental says:

Very nice video! I added it to our playlist.

Shneeb Shelly says:

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Pine Meadows Hobby Farm A Modern Homestead says:

Dropped by to check out your tree house. I am building one here at Pine Meadows Hobby Farm and I am currently exploring what others are doing as far as support and design goes.–E
Thanks for your you tube posting. I am learning a lot.
Jerry and Becky of Pine Meadows Hobby Farm

Just another youtuber says:

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bubbleman says:

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Niclas Falck says:

You need to do more of a freemium model, i guess no DIY'ers will come through your paywall without some of the first lectures being free.

The Handy Goddess says:

I think you're brilliant, I enjoy what's happening here

Fozbo says:

Very Helpful!

Dan Hodge says:

It's great

Gardening with Experts says:

Would you like to learn how to design and build your own treehouse?  

S.N.A.C. it up! says:

i like it its realy cool i wanna do that

Jason Grooms says:

Don't waste your time, no information given.  It's a 6 minute commercial for his paid website.

Capulet says:

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