DIY Fairy Tree House With Swing In Polymer Clay

DIY Fairy Tree House With Swing In Polymer Clay

This is a very detailed tutorial on making the same fairy tree house that is in the video thumbnail photo. See below for the toot and supply list, suggested support videos, and clay baking instructions. Please rate the video, comment share and subscribe to my channel. Shop my art shop at

Tool and Supply List

Sculpey 3 polymer clay in black
Pearl Ex Pigments in Antique Bronze, Gold, Reflex Violet and Silver
18 gauge steel wire – other metals will work too
Wire cutters
Small paint brush
Assort clay sculpting tools
A sharp knife
A piece of paper to keep the clay from sticking to the table
A stone
To seal the stone: clear acrylic, laqueur, polyurethane, varnish
Preserved Reindeer Moss In color Forest available at
Access to a household oven

Sculpey 3 Polymer Clay Baking Instructions

Preheat your household oven to 275 degrees and bake for 15 minutes per quarter inch of clay thickness. (to calculate this, find the thickest part of the turtle, measure the thickness and bake according to the above directions.) When the baking is complete, turn off the oven and open the oven door. Allow the sculpture to cool completely before handling it. Note: The oven won’t get hot enough to hurt the stone.

Suggested Videos

How To Smooth Polymer Clay As Taught By A Sculptor Part 1 & 2:



Cleo XO says:

Thanks Jake!! Quick question – can you glue that Moss , or will glue damage it in some way?

Bunnytoes says:

Oh this is so cool! I actually think you've inspired me to do clay again, I regret being a procrastinator but watching this makes me want to make a tree that grows under water. Thank you for the inspiration! <3

Neko Fenrir says:

You gave me an amazing idea!!

elizabeth keiran says:

You are great I love this tree with the swing I will make this tomorrow I think you are a great artist keep up the good work. And thank you for your time to show us how to do this beautiful tree.

Lorelei Garcia says:

Muy hermoso saludos desde México

Gary Petersen Sr says:

Excellent teaching! I tuned in to learn about sculpting a tree, and ended up learning a ton about sculpting in general. Thank you Jake, Maggie

Nilza Delfino says:


ana julia mejia says:

Its really beautiful… i love it!!

maria Pellegrino says:

Hi Jake.
Love your fairy tree house and watching you make it. I am a retired pastry chef teacher specialising in chocolate and sugar sculptures of 42 years. Watching you reminded me of when I was teaching at our college of TAFE here in Australia. What you have done here is truly a credit to you being self taught. Your patience and dedication is commendable. I will offer you a small tip for when you are rolling sausages. If you cut a piece of ice cream container plastic and using medium pressure not to flatten it as you roll over the top of your clay, it will lengthen it and keeps it even.
Keep up the good work and I have subscribed not to miss what you do. You have made this old girl very happy today 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤗

Kim Persinger says:


Kristen Perry says:

Jake can I ask you a question?

Paula Lotte says:

Jake, first thing…Thank you and God bless for serving our country! I am a needle felter, I pretty much sculpt wool and am wanting to learn to sculpt with polymer clay. Your video was packed with wonderful tips and I thank you for taking the time to show everyone the process. Your treehouse is stunning! Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

Kari N. says:

Probably one of the best tutorials I have seen on actual techniques and reasons why things work better this way rather than that way. Great teaching skills, which are hard to come by. Thank you.

Michelle Lynn Fine Art says:

The sculpey lll is too soft for me. I like the premo better, and fingerprints don't show up on it as much.

valquiria ribeiro dos santos says:

Adoro seu trabalho, pra favor tem como você me mandar a receita da massa em português

Anne Parker says:

I have made my tree, I just need to buy some moss, I have lots on our property but I don't know how to dry it, I would rather buy it ready done. 🙂  I can post a picture when finished.  I used gold paint to highlight, I would rather the powder but I have to find it first, however, the gold does stand out nice.  My tree is much smaller than yours Jake and it's on a flat stone, the next one I try will be on a rounded stone.  Thanks again Jake. <3

Riley Cullen says:

Great video!

Anne Parker says:

Hi Jake. I loved, loved, loved the way you sculp. The tree is awesome.  I am going to try one.  I sculp little fairy houses using small bottles, I have been doing houses for about 6 months.  I did make fairies, angles, turtles, elephants, dogs, cats, anything I could think of that was easy just to get the feel of using poly clay.  I want a tree to go with my 11 little houses and lighthouse I made.  I am going to browse your site.  I love your work.  Thank you for sharing. hugs, Anne

Audrey G says:

Mesmerising! Thank you.

Hisui Noir says:

For me, your tutorials are the best. You are so talented. Beautufil, beatiful creations in this channel, congrats

Vicki Brenner says:

I love Fairy stuff and I love your videos and your tree. i also love your coffee. LOL

Darlene Mahaffey says:

Can This be placed outdoors?

Melba Tate says:

So cool pretty amazing

Idase Costa says:

Oi tudo bem? amei o seu trabalho de arte só gostaria qué tivesse legendas em português.

Mark Cunningham says:

Jake.. youre Awesome.. Scissors, have been my missing tool.. I would have never thought of them .. ive been trying to create sharp corners with my fingers !!!!

kkk rr says:


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