DIY Kid’s Indoor Treehouse Bedroom Makeover Time Lapse on a budget w/ a hammock

DIY Kid’s Indoor Treehouse Bedroom Makeover Time Lapse on a budget w/ a hammock

This video documents the build process for the indoor treehouse i built for my kids. It was done over a 2-3 day period as a Christmas present. More about the build here:

Want to help me out?

The music is all from iMovie. (don’t sue me!)



steven yau says:

you should remove the 2 branches sticking out where they climb up to the bed, it's a head injury hazard with those sharp corners
and instead of weaving the hammock you should tie knots into to prevent tangling.

glynnth says:

Very creative & pretty, but those branches sticking out look like an accident waiting to happen…

Geoff Wales says:

"He must really love us" – that made me cry. You are awesome.

I love ellen says:

So cool 10/10

Jeffrey Souder says:

Kids next to window concerns me … cool concept .. wrong placing, dangerous.

Logiclex says:

Your kids bedroom is bigger than mine

Jaquaylan Adams says:

how much money did it take to make it

Number1 Joeyfan says:

"we should show this to the president"

Kyute& Kawaii says:

i remember watching this when i 5 yrs old and dreamt of having this bed,now im 11 and i still dont hav a dream bed😂

Nyla Panda says:

I seen one that looked way better they even installed green carver and got the kids NEW toys

Zola Jennings says:

They have chickens🐓🐥

Frank K says:

Over 300 dislikes on something as fantastic as this, how is it even possible to reach this low even for a career troll!

Mumy TV says:

Здорово,очень понравилось!!!

Rach Rotch says:

coolest father everrrrrrr

Истории про /Story about says:

Привет! Отличное получилось видео! Всегда смотрим друзей. Всем друзьям предлагаем взаимную подписку!

xhellboundx says:

The chickens <3

Sharon Cullen Art says:

Awesome! And loved wire reactions. I think Dad got a few points for that one!

Sophia Weigel says:

It's so sweet of you to make this for your daughters

A kid who plays GAMES! says:

we're did the kids sleep

Johanna Cincinatis says:

Hi there!
Johanna from StoYo Media here. We discovered your video and we would like to include it in a video production. May I ask permission to use it in a story?
Of course we would give you full credits and make your name visible on the video!

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