How To Build A Treehouse | 4 Wranglerstar

How To Build A Treehouse | 4 Wranglerstar

How To Build A Treehouse.

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win kesya says:


N4poleone says:

I buchi nel tronco così no dai…porco quel giuda,,,,, 🙁

Lance Ladewig says:

might I suggest some soap on the threads also was the pilot drill the same size as the inside of the threads on the bolt it looked a bit small

Romelia Polly says:

You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

Logan Cressler says:

Just putting it out there, keep an eye on the areas of the tree that you drilled and drove the mounting brackets. Two or more holes in the same general area (less than 12") may cause the tree to compartmentalize that area and it will die off. So just keep an eye out for rot.

kleanthis Karras says:

thats an idiot` s will just end up with a treehouse on a rotten tree. Fantastic!

Eric Styles says:

if u cant get the lag in, just shoot a nice hole where you'd like to put it. then put the lag up to your temple & ratchet away. dudes overbuilding the shit out of a basic treehouse, it'll distort w tree growth almost immediately, by which time he should almost be done, if he hasn't shot his foot off in the process. wankerstar

helen harper says:

why do you have a gun

Che Guevara says:

Talented guy and all but shit man, are your videos boring! This whole video was mounting a single brace. You mention good things like to try to level when boring your hole but try not to carry on about it. And the first video was about shoot a tree-bazooka? No one has that so need to associate a how to- in regards to loading and operating one.

theminershow 123 says:

wait u reposted my vid

Mx199D says:

I always thought you weren't supposed to drill holes above each other because the wood around your bolts would rot and become weak.

Irish TnT says:

Why does he have a gun. Oh wait. He lives in America

Mohammed Al-kishri says:

Why exactly are you carrying a 9mm while building a treehouse ?

Pâmela Rodrigues says:

Anyone know mi say what screw and this measure

richalsop says:

How to build a treehouse:
Step 1. Buy a firearm.

Jacob Kohnke says:

Why are you carrying a glock while building this

Mr Awesome says:

lol, you scared of the other kids building tree forts? It's that an airsoft gun?

chris dawson says:

whats with the sidearm. ??

Dathan. Navarrette says:

is that a gun on your side and if so why is it there. just to add do you have a permit for handling a pistol

1249blaze says:

I have been trying to make my own brackets but the 1" and 3/4" pipe I bought from Lowes does not fit so easily as yours did. Where did you get your pipes

Steven Johnson says:

Awesome job

Eric Styles says:

I know of absolutely no job site whatsoever where a tradesman is any safer with a loaded piece on his person, a loaded gun is the right tool for the job of a soldier at war holmes..

Garik Johnson says:

What is the ending song called?
Please I need to know

Julian Vikse says:

Anybody Else noticed the glock on his belt?

Evan Manning says:

Did you not have a forisner bit to drill into the tree at the beginning?

Leir Carvalho says:

Not like this is an assault on nature

TJM Networks says:

How much did that socket set run you at the garage sale? Nice looking.

John Parker says:

my father in law has these tiny levels , about 3 inch long ,on his RV . Maybe you could find something similar and glue it to your drill .

608johnny says:

am sure building on a tree is not good for the tree

hillbillymoon1 says:

Cody, You and I are both overbuilders!!! LOL I always build so the one has has to tear it down later cusses me in their sleep! John n' Lanie Fry is right about the candle wax but not sure on Living trees that have sap?

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