How to build a Treehouse in 10 minutes

How to build a Treehouse in 10 minutes

How to build a Treehouse in 10 minutes – The speeded up part contains 12 hour footage that was made over one week. – (onli for geniusses) ;-))) 1000 Cheers

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theviron6 says:

What is the piano piece?

steve hemsley-orange says:

its funny how it says 10 mins and the video was ten mins but speeded up!!!

Joshua Phillips says:

I love it, great work. I hope to live in the woods soon

fugginuts says:

how many people does it take to set a platform? 6 obviously.

asdfdfggfd says:

SHIT ITS A CAT VIDEO (joke i actuly like this vid)

Joseph Saldivar says:

how much wood do you need in order to build a tree house

Yakab Zivert says:

How much did all the wood cost?

Yonatan Schachter says:

I can build the same thing in five minutes. All I need is an editing program that handles fast motion LOL

Cavsfanwb6 says:

sure does look like it took them 10 minutes! lol

Rick Cox says:

I maybe would have set the pilings and posts first then stick built the floor system in place, rather than wasting the time and energy hoisting the pre-built floor.
The video itself was quite nice, but the piano was mesmerizing. Who wrote and performed the piece, do you know?

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