How to Build a Tribeam to Support a Large Treehouse

How to Build a Tribeam to Support a Large Treehouse

A tribeam lets you attach a wide platform to a single tree trunk by widening the support base on the tree instead of attaching one beam to either side. Essentially, it’s an inverted truss with the flat beam on top and two 45 degree braces all locked together with notches and hardware. The required hardware and support can be found at



abdul majiid pala says:

This is the real tutorial.. step by step teaching. Good job

Chad Carlberg says:

Like he says, you must always drawl your lines well so you can sawl your lines easily.

Buettner Burritt says:

do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

kenedyexpress motoboy são bernardo do campo says:

4:16 Reproduzir a seguirReproduzir agora CONSTRUÇÃO CASA NA ÁRVORE DA MEL E BIEL – TREEHOUSE- Duração: 4:16.kenedy76

Wilfred Leonard says:

This is a plan I couldn’t find in Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible. But there’s something very similar to it if you google his name, you’ll see…

Harry Kuheim says:

Chain Saw on the bottom bracket slot….

john abruzzi says:

how to keep tree house from termite or other bug from the woods?

Joseph Perreault says:

what is the weight capacity of a standard tri-beam assembly?

Rich Holland says:

I would feel more comfortable making these cuts in a jig to insure they're perfectly square, good job on the video though thanks. I have 2 – 30+" diameter long leaf pines 20 feet apart I'm considering putting a treehouse in.

klotuur says:

That will rott! So much space for water and air to come in and what does it find? Metal! It will rust

Chuck Fletcher says:

Very first cut was off and crooked. nice.

Ray Scholtens says:

To install this to the tree, do you use a TAB at both top and bottom or a TAB on one and lag bolt on the other?

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