I Helped Kids Build a $0 Tree Fort!

I Helped Kids Build a $0 Tree Fort!

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I helped kids build their Dream Fort!



Zac Zaller says:

If I like your comment… turn on post-notifications (I like every comment)

Ii Oo says:

Dude had 1 fake airpod

Adams cool things says:

What ya using the pallet for

Potato Boi says:

He has one AirPod

Dat Penguin says:

Yo I seriously need help finding wood planks like these wtf man how u just ‘find’ them 😭

Joshua Scarle says:

I want to see a part 2

Justin Vaszil says:

I go to that kids school

TBONE says:

why was that gun barrel down?

Shay Vlogs says:

Ur so sweet for helping them bulid a tree house 😊💜💜😱.

Dytran says:

Your very awesome and this is so cool!

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