Incredible tiny house treehouse tour! Raven Loft Treehouse.

Incredible tiny house treehouse tour! Raven Loft Treehouse.

This is a quick tour of my treehouse called Raven Loft. I built it last summer myself for $8200 as shown, but I’ve since put in $4,000 for permits, variances, engineering certification, and upgrades. It is setup to live in like a tiny house, as an investment with the land, and as a place to share.

Composting Toilets Canada



Jeremy Macdonald says:

Awesome man

Sorry for Everything says:

Whan earth shaking and this hause is dead

Alissa Jenkins says:

how would you shower for wash clothes and get water if you have no shower

NoahBones 12 says:

My Treehouse is a rotten small box, smaller then a bathroom stall with a busted down door and a bench

Steve Hawrys says:

It's called a SIP. Not a SIP panel. Department of redundancy department ๐Ÿ˜›

Breanna Patricia says:

Wow I'm inspired

Rose B says:

Shower? Closet?

Rose B says:

Shower? Closet?

Sultan M. Akash says:

wow !! what a compact design

It's Tabaitha says:

I absolutely love this! I could stay there forever ๐Ÿ™‚

L. Freer says:

Saw this on the Make: blog. Absolutely lovely! Really appreciated all the detail even in this quick tour.

ShamelesslyClaudiaTv says:

Bravo! You did a splendid job! Do you think that you may ever build more of these? Maybe start a community?

Jeffery Li says:

So you made that?

Juan Miguel Venturello says:

Amazing, so well done. Congratulations, enjoy!

J Marel says:

Wow, this is a lovely space, you did a awesome job!!! Thanks for sharing

Kyle Miskovich says:

Hello Geoff, this is a great design but if you were to use this as your permanent home how would you go about showering and washing clothes.

Marilinaa says:

This is just fantastic! ย What a lovely design.

Marc Nicholas says:

Thank you so much for the video walk-through and for taking the time to explain some of the features and construction. Really great project.

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