Indoor Treehouse Part 4 – The Fort

Indoor Treehouse Part 4 – The Fort

This is the 4th video in my Indoor Treehouse series. This kids treehouse is coming together slowly but is only limited by the space and my imagination. I hope it inspires you!



#PISANGBASH 32 says:

Wow is amazing dude … Im from malaysia ..

Jay Kaelberer says:

Where did you get your rubber spacers for the bridge?

Arcas Yard says:

You are too cool of a dad! Can I be your son?

KIM HAAS says:

Your very talented!!!!

Aaron Placke says:

Jared, you gunning for one of the boys to get you a #1 dad tie next month? sweet build!

Jerry Sateriale says:

Awesome job on this project , i bet the kids never want to leave their room .

robert hukill says:

What we won't do for our kids!!

nscr2 says:

Good evening , my 7 year old daughter and I am really enjoying watching this build. We were wondering, how much time do you think you have invested up until this point?

Scott Heidemann says:

Dude, thats amazing. From one dad to another, nice job!

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