Indoor Treehouse Part 5 -Locking Bucket Pulley System

Indoor Treehouse Part 5 -Locking Bucket Pulley System

This Treehouse Bucket Pulley is the next in the Indoor Treehouse series. In this video, I explain how I designed and built this bucket pulley. If your treehouse is outside, you could still use the same pulley system



M. Robert Spryn says:

I'm mad at you for how great this is. The one I'm planning is 2x4s, deck boards and plywood. Now I feel boring. 😜

Jenny Dyer says:

seriously though…how much?

Jenny Dyer says:

This is incredible! How much would you sell one of these for? I came on here in search for something exactly like this for my kids treehouse.

AiKi Relationship Training: We've Solved Marriage says:

Rock-star dad!

Andrai Shemuel says:

You really deserve many many more subscribers!!

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