Mini Treehouse Tutorial // DIY Miniature Doll Playhouse

Mini Treehouse Tutorial // DIY Miniature Doll Playhouse

Hey guys! Today we’re making a simple kid’s doll treehouse using mainly popsicle sticks and skinny sticks.
This can also double as a cute plant decoration ;D

This can be made to fit different sized dolls such as barbie, BJD, LPS and more 🙂

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Kaori Lora says:

Jolie Jolie j'ador voutr travail bravo. 😊👍👍et bonn continuation😉👋🌷🌷🌷🌺🌷🌷🌷

Hanen Alhanen says:

جدا لطيف very cool

Rave Science says:

as always …… AWESOME❤❤❤❤

Rave Science says:


Chomiczówka Gieniuś says:

Nice job! 👍👌❤❤❤

Creativecoco K says:

Hi 🙂 ive never been this early to a video

Muntaha Antika says:

love your videos 😍😍😘😘

Annisa Nidhi says:

What measurement or length of sticks you used for the popsicle house?

Jennifer Hunt says:

adorable! this is something I can do with my granddaughters. Thanks you.

short films and diys 123 says:

really cute

PugGirl Hills says:


Влада Новицкая says:

Wow, I really like this idea! Wonderful!

Sari Aspajo says:

Adorable! 😍

PugGirl Hills says:

so cute plz make a mini froyo if u have not already

just for painting says:

awesome job!!♡♡

Johana Rivera Viveros says:

has el collar de moana ok

Comet Notmeg says:

this is cute AF x3

Blackbalconty says:

I was wondering if you've read Petterson & Findus as a child? Thanks to the mukklas, there was a lot of "miniture stuff" 😀 i was always so amazed by it. your stuff really remindes me of it 🙂

Kirsten Utzon says:

Superfedt træhus. Meget autentisk med de skæve vinkler 👏👏😊

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