Pete Nelson Builds the Ultimate Dog House | Treehouse Masters

Pete Nelson Builds the Ultimate Dog House | Treehouse Masters

Treehouse Masters’ very own Pete Nelson shows us how to build a DREAM doghouse – perfect for both big and small dogs! Follow along with this awesome backyard DIY project.

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Moto kid #12 says:

Me and my dad are about to build a doghouse for my lab simpler to that one

Cameron Barksdale says:

Pressure treated lumber is a big no no for a dog house.

Justin Stubbs says:

Studies have shown that CCA-treated lumber does leach chromium, copper and arsenic into the surrounding soil. The migration of these elements appears to be limited. In addition, research has not clearly shown a long term negative impact upon plants or animals.

Marcella Beatty says:

thank you…use shingles

Perox fishermanija Fiolic says:

You are best

Not FBI says:

presure treated wood is toxic and harmfull to your pets.. dont listen to this guy.. dont use it

L F says:


Daniel Mendez says:

tis is dom am sory

Carm N says:

i dont think building with "treated" wood is smart.

Hit Her With The Mule says:

the dh too big for the dog

kingart813 says:

how much does that thing weigh?

Ryan P says:

white boys trying to be cool with a handshake or high five should be in a cringe compilation

charles simmons says:

How to build a dog house for a small dog

*Sayyeah76 Gaming* says:

put like pillows inside.. Good job though you indpire

Alpha Boom says:

Thatdog has a bigger bedroom than mine

Erwolfgirl says:

Yay my favorite show!!!

Sage 15 says:

I wish I had these skills

Skylar Stewart says:

I love the idea Pete it is amazing and awesome

logicfinder77 says:

Would have been cool to insulate it since you did all that 🙂 … nice dog house !

Sushi the wolf says:

so cute and its perfect for my dogs!!!!

Kaelee McCoy says:

So pressure treated wood is bad???Is all treated wood pressure treated

suknMikeAuch says:

I guess you better not let you dog lay on your deck anymore. It's too dangerous because of the pressure treated wood. 🙂

Gorilla Chad says:

you didnt show how to build a dog house, you showed a time lapse of your doghouse being worked on. you did show tools though so thats cool….yea helpful…

Blake Pilkenton says:

People seem to think that modern pressure treated wood is still treated with arsenic which it isn't, it's treated with copper chromium (the same thing that lines the copper pipes in houses) hence when ever fresh treated wood is exposed to water it turns green (now go have a look at your pipes). It's a modern day myth that just doesn't hold any ground now a days, I mean do you really think the EPA would allow people to use pressure treated wood in water way applications like piers if it wasn't safe?


This is a great job.  Does your dog "appreciate" your idea and your efforts ?  :o)

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