Pete Nelson: Treehouse platform building

Pete Nelson: Treehouse platform building

Pete Nelson and Ian Weedman discuss a platform project they worked on during 2011. Great footage of build progress and discussion of TABs (treehouse attachment bolts). For more information about treehouse plans, designing, consulting, building, and how-to workshops, visit



james jones says:

boring. ……got such a big klappa. …does he do everything alone!

Chris says:

i'm curious why you guys didn't use plywood for subfloor

Boris Mitendorfer says:

You are fantastic! I just love your builds. I hope, one day, I could also build a tree house by my own or with your help!

Peter Glenn says:

I want to work on building tree houses with Pete!

Peter Glenn says:

I want to work on building tree houses with Pete!

Anna Erazo says:

Hi Mr Pete and your crew on TV love your show and you all make it so fun and the tree houses are just awesome. I see mostly house buying shows and the tiny house until i saw your show listed 2 months ago and now i DVR all your shows just to see how beautiful you and your team put together the tree house. I saw your show sat 9/5 2015 where the client said she had your book can you tell me the title of the book or books you wrote. God bless you all stay safe, and thank you for being so funny.

jewelfewel says:

I love watching treehouse masters. I've never seen pete so calm while talking about trees lol

Selsley01 says:

all well and good, but $250 for 1 tab is a bit  excessive,
i'm guessing hes not that bothered about keeping it safe for the father builder building for his kids, most of us want to build a small treehouse for that price not pay a fortune in fixing, i guess i got to go with the reclaimed telegraph supports £25 each for 15 meters, seriously treated hard wood. 10-12 inch diameter, would only need 3 at the most,….my idea was 2 sets of goal posts one each side of the tree and build the platform on them with the tree in the middle,

Chuck Fletcher says:

Man-child making toys and earning mega bucks. Wish I was him!

Crysta Booth says:

I love this guy and his TV show!! My friend and I are building a tree platform above our tree fort, some tips on supports and how to build around the branches would be great.

louis cipher says:

@ 0.46 such a generic looking man? LOL

matrix49A says:

Rich guy with a LOT of money

LILN8Y says:

I'm guessing you'd have to pay this guy like 5 million$ to get one of those… I'd pay anyday if i had the money

The Muffin Man says:

fuck i hate this douchebag

Rosa K says:

I love this show!!! would love a tree house

MrHollandsenieuwe says:

I really love the tv show!!!

Dan Dengler says:

Great video! Thanks Pete Nelson! Your books and now this video have been very educational and inspiring to me over the years. I built my first tree houses in Marigold and Pepper plants in the garden using popsicle sticks when I was 8 years old. I am now a climbing ISA certified Arborist and climb and prune trees every day both in town and for tree improvement (cone and scion colection) for the USFS in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Tennessee. Thanks for fueling my love of trees!!!!

Daryl McDonald says:

That Ian dude seriously needs to shave

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