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Delaney Mulholland says:

ok y’all a few things:

i BOUGHT those things at the store with my money and i didn’t make my mom go to the store she needed to go anyway. so i wasn’t “forcing her to buy me stuff on mother’s day” lol.

about half of the people i watch edit like this so i’m not “copying emma chamberlain” she also doesn’t even edit like this anymore?? click on a youtube video and there’s a 50% chance that they will include like zoom-ins or whatever. so please, don’t tell me i’m editing like her lol. i’m aware who she is, and i love emma chamberlain!! but literally everyone edits this way because it’s all based from the same editing app. lol so it’s not that big of a deal.

sorry for all of that. idc about hate bc it’s stupid and unnecessary but like it kinda gets old when people are really just getting uncreative and saying the same thing over and over again😂 so yeah again like u can comment anything u want you have the freedom to do it, but please just know those things before you comment 😉

mcenzie Playzs says:

Underrated youtuber spotted!😃😯

Jackie Bardales says:

It's kinda VSCO….

JWGirl22 says:

I was like dont hit the spider with the hammer you might make a hole in the wall😂🤣

ava truong says:

how old is she she looks young

Tatum Finnestead says:

what editing software do you use?

Lisa Guilfoyle says:

Woah now I want a tree house.. 💕😂

Billie the avocado says:


why am I exited

Maisie Sings says:

Make it vsco

Gordon Chamberlain says:

I love 💕 your videos I am going to subscribe

Dolls,Minecraft and more! says:

no.hate but this video kinda sucks…😬

ava broadwater says:

Great job making Mother's Day about you

Amber Spurgeon says:

Oh my goodness this is 𝑨𝑾𝑬𝑺𝑶𝑴𝑬 ! This summer I just transformed my summer house, into a like modern movie room. 🙂

Jorja G says:

Is no one gonna talk about her BEAUTIFUL VOICE???!!!?

Like gurl you and your voice are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊

Roblox Girlxoxo says:

Hello love u so much

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