Simple DIY Tree Fort

Simple DIY Tree Fort

We built this tree fort for under $100 using an old privacy fence and a bundle of lumber we found on sale.



Robin Cooper says:

Looks awesome! I love it

at 4everTia says:

Ugh there is 1 of those trees beside my house🙄

Jenny Dugan says:

"Alien gumballs" is what my kids used to call them. 👽

Mandy B says:

I love how Henry says Spurgeon! 😍

Charity Saxum says:

Jessa, you can get fake flower spray paint for silk flowers and you could repaint those flowers that you had outside 🥰

Charity Saxum says:

Awesome play set Jessa!!
You did an amazing job!

Nicole Cooley says:

This makes me kinda want to do this in my yard. And the pokey balls are buckeyes, from a buckeye tree

Love Britt Woods says:

Love it Jessa! Great job! ☺️

Christine Johnston says:

Amazing job , you are a great mama Jessa and your children are gorgeous as are you .

K Scheuerman says:

Great Job Jessa!! I have heard that any pressure treated (green) wood should not come into contact with little hands as the chemicals are dangerous. I think you can stain, paint, and seal using a clear coat on it for use outside. Great Mom, take care.

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