Things I wish I knew before building a Treehouse – Part 1

Things I wish I knew before building a Treehouse – Part 1

Building a tree house and tiny houses are all the rage at the moment with shows like treehouse masters and treehouse guys, but it is not as easy as it looks for the average person. On the TV show they go to commercial break and 5 min later come back to present an amazing completed treehouse (that it took 40 people to build). In reality it is not that easy and takes hundreds of hours to build something awesome, but imagine building it alone? I have always wanted a treehouse and now that I am adult I can make or buy things I want, so this is the time to make my childhood dreams come true. This is my adventure of things I wish I knew before building a treehouse. I spent 30 days in the woods and wanted to see how far I could get. I was completely alone with no help and challenged myself along the way. This is part one of the build and exterior of my treehouse. I will post the interior and finish work later. Until then, thanks for watching and go live your life and follow your dreams or just make angry comments as a couch critic who has never done anything with your life and cry alone in the dark about your lack of motivation and that you do not approve of my language.



Christophe Outdoors says:

Bravo. Outstanding technical content throughout. The blueprint for all future design & build videos. Can I download your drawing specs? 👍

HB Outdoors says:

Do you have a brother named kipper' he's my banjo teacher and you look like him.

Sandy Marshfoot - Traveling Hobbit says:

I am partaking in this same thing…dec 1 2019 southern missouri.
You are very funny.

Michael Harris says:

What the f@ck, no tasty sausages?

Johan Scheepers says:

Awesome video! I just laughed my ass off and I got a few good tree house building tips too.

Lewis Cleale says:

Genuinely funny. A great surprise. Thanks.

msears101 says:

I am writing "bad things" in the comments, just for you.

Sobrevivencialismo says:

Freaking nice video, thanks for sharing! Greetings from Brazil!

Jedd Fahnestock says:

Hey Jeremiah, remember when our shop teacher said in ninth grade "a tool is an extension of a mans hand"?

Anna Jackson123 says:

Great video!! Thanks!!! I was wondering what that great guitar song was in the background at 23.30?

insert name here says:

Country roads take me home to the place I belong WEST VIRGINIA

NO. COPPA says:

The tooth brush was invented in west Virginia if it were invented anywhere else it would be called a teeth brush!!!!hahaha

S Shiva says:

Friend, you might start over with a straw-bale house that has a rocket mass-heater with 6" air-piping throughout the walls and floor.

jcbbe says:

Cant wait for more comments. Thanks for sharing…

Christopher Sespico says:

You cracked me up the whole time, thanks for sharing!!

Tahra Dactyl says:

bro u are the funniest mother fucker ever! i defs want more videos like this! you are awesome

Triangle Mobile Mechanic says:

Man I was having a pretty shitty night. Honestly depressed. You're video has me cracking up and has definitely inspired me to start a little mason jar to put some coin away to buy some land and make me a fucking treehouse so I can blast some heavy metal and shoot some guns….and run naked in the woods. Haha. Serious question, where's a good site to buy TABs? I searched around a bit, but the internet is well…the devil and who knows what kind of metal something is made out of.

Chase Cutter says:

The pioneers knew it… F***!😂

kris says:

“if you get mad out here, you should be locked in a cage and hit with sticks. by me. to alleviate my anger.”

Cris Bessette says:

"Run through the woods naked" lol funny and interesting video.

hunter6719 says:

You Do Virginians proud!

Nick says:

You said to write bad things in the comments so I just wanted to let you know your roof looks like shit. Treehouse is pretty sweet though, wish the maine cabin series was a bit longer

Bugsy Cline says:

Thank you for pointing out the differences between the 2 "Nines" I was a little worried someone might get confused out there. It is after the internet.

Mike W says:

I would probably do things like this with the financial resources required.

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