Tree House Bicycle Elevator (How It Works) + Upgrades

Tree House Bicycle Elevator (How It Works) + Upgrades

How does the tree house elevator work? And how was the contraption build? In this video we explore these exact questions! Ethan Schlussler build the tree house elevator 5 years ago with steel cables, a bike and some old scraps. Today we swapped out the old steel cable with Dyneema rope and messed around on the home made zipline.

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Tree House Bicycle Elevator (How It Works) + Upgrades



Jacob M says:

Unbelievably, employers wont hire this man because he doesn't have enough work experience or a degree. The sad truth is this person could out engineer and build/design better than most others in my opinion.

belinda hawkins says:

Again dude u r have far to much fun
Then u flail it in all our delighted faces🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Thank u for it

Boris P says:

This is just awesome, I am obsessed with Treehouses since childhood, my dream is build treehouses, this bike elevator is fckng engineering masterpiece 😀

Dũng Nguyễn Trekking says:

hay qua tuyệt vời

Aastin Bolin says:

What's a treehouse like that cost to build? It looks so awesome I'd love to have one on our land in Montana.

Cheef McQueef says:

No fat bitches on the elevator bike not my rules

Edward Thayer says:

you guys are enjoying life! so happy you are sharing! Thank you!!!!!!!🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

Mcroostr says:

"High there, I've been pining for you! Let me ash you a question, wood you like to join the 40ft high club? I spruced the place up. It's a reel treet. It's just plank cool. Lots of new gear! Don't worry, my dog is all bark, no bite. Did it hurt-when you fell from my treehouse? Guess you woke up on the wrong side of my bed. Weight, please don't leave!! I mitres well give up…

Jelly Donut says:

So cool, I think I saw this on Treehouse Masters a few years ago. What a great idea

Fred Cook says:

It's a milk crate!

hintzofcolorconcepts says:

Bike needs an ET in the basket

Rob Vann says:

Omg he is not wearing a helmet.

PANIK 24/7 says:

Put some tire chamber glued to the wheel for extra push!


Yup you earned my sub!

Paul Gruzalski says:

your lil go ape course

Chris says:

how is this not youtube trending

Rodrigo Lino says:

Vocês são dois malucos muito inteligentes,a vida dessa moça que sempre aparece no seus vídeos deve ser uma aventura diária.kkkkkkk

Michael Allen says:

The woodsmen TV show! That's where I recognize you from

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