Tree house project 1

Tree house project 1

Slow & steady build of an amateur tree house in backyard. Started in early 2014, finished it in about 6 months. It’s about 8′ by 8′ plus a small porch/deck.



Amanda Worley says:

If the tree is dead it won't grow so no need in leaving room for growth right lmao

Carrie Portwood says:

Thank u for making this vid it inspired me to try to make a treehouse

rusandtrace says:

Great video, I like how you take us through the thinking and building and asissting building. Too many videos of treehouses online done by pros to like like a 5 star bedroom in a tree…. Not my idea. Thanks for sharing!

Sara Hollensworth says:

I think it is perfect for the little fella in the video and sure it will serve it's purpose before it grows big enough to break.

poofy nunya says:

Epic treehouse fail video soon to come😉

Iván López Ceron says:

Santeria by sublime!!!

james taylor says:

that tree is going to tear this thing apart and it needs some supports on the sides.  you get 500-1000 lbs on one side of that thing and its tipping over…

Denys Oliinyk says:

You slowly talking

Soccer Kid says:

what is the support _x_x_x

Randy Hobbs says:

This guy is clearly an amateur carpenter, a lot of his cuts are too close to the tree not giving it room to grow, also his way of framing is strange the side rails the notching the way he built the monkey bars this house is all jacked up.

alfriedar says:

This tree has a lot of growing to do.. it will get thicker .. doesn't seem to have room for it to do that .. so it will get crippled or it will bust out of that center frame section..

EnRundTing DK says:

I love people who build a house, treehouse and cars!!!

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