Treehouse Build Timelapse

Treehouse Build Timelapse

This is a tree house that my friend Aza and I built for a customer shortly after I built my original tree house. The build took about six months start to finish, but we weren’t working on it full time. It is located in Sandpoint Idaho.

Main song is by my friend Steven.

Song at the end is: Stop It (Instrumental) by Dexter Britain



De Day says:

how is it fixed in place? chained to the tree?

Joshua Florian says:

what kind of tree was that?

Okotin says:

Great video and amazing result! 🙂

PureRazorz says:

This is actually so fucking lit

Grant Korfhage says:

Stop at 6:02

Swagman Tube says:

How long did this take

Zant Burdine says:

great job, my dad would have loved it.

AMAR Heafy says:


Mj derakhsh says:

Nice house but I feel sad for the tree 😥🌲

Mikhail Terranova says:

Wonderful house with amazing view! Love it….

MrMarbles0Xecution says:

That license plate tho

Punk Tattoo Guy says:

you dressed a tree in tree. you covered a tree with its dead neighbor. lol

DaNi says:

i would like build one for my self how much would it cost

Alec Bitz Martinez says:

that was awesome

Александр Первый says:

complete idiocy…just killed a tree because I CAN…the people…although the house turned out great)

Monkey D Kitsada says:

Wow oh u God

raf zan says:

cheesiest license plate ever

JM sheng says:


MsMsmak says:

I don't see the point of this. It's not like it's useful in any sense at all. There's a real house within fifteen feet of it.

copy_sk says:

6:52 which type of pickup is it?

vitor santos martins says:

ficou tão boa que nao precisava ser na arvore

PissedOffCookie says:

It's a shame that such a beauty of a tree house will be ruined by the growing of the tree 🙁

budro says:

Great music, Steven!

Gleisson Rodrigues says:

this tree house is perfect ,very good work.

Sullendust says:


Gamer Boy says:

My sister boyfriend is supposed scared of hights✌🏼

Andrew Jackson says:

White people are evil!

Charlie Armstrong says:

Hey Ethan,

I hope you don't mind me asking I'm interested to build one to. How much money was it and how long did it take you to finish?? 👍

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