TreeHouse TOUR

TreeHouse TOUR

I thought i would share my treehouse with you that my Dad and Grandpa had custom built for me and my brother when we were younger. I hope you guys enjoy this video!



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FTC- All the items in this video were bought with my own money!



lonely vibes says:

i wish i had a treehouse, if i had one i would stay in there all day

Missbgymnast 09 says:

I just don't like the green floor.

ira Diamond says:

Omg u have a tree House in my garden I don't even have a tree just a silly garage with junk inside…; )

Hailey Carroll says:

Wow that's amazing did you make it

Angelica Joy says:

How did they build the treehouse?

tiff kitten says:

if we had that treehouse like that my mom and dad would allow me to have my room up there

tiff kitten says:


Cory Golembeski says:

Do bugs ever get in your tree house and is the green floor carpet or what

16rizzo says:

I've always wanted a treehouse, when I asked, their response was to chop down all the trees at our house.

ShayCreativity says:

I've always dreamed of having/building a tree house! So neat 🙂

GlitterItCarter says:

hey tree house looks better than my life.

Rebecca Vaughan says:

How did they get the couch in there?!?!?

Jordan Miller says:

Plz check out my treehouse it's my Second newest video

Allison Wylie says:

I would give anything to live in Cali.

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