Treehouse Without the Tree: Life in a Fire Lookout Home

Treehouse Without the Tree: Life in a Fire Lookout Home

Forget the white picket fence. See how Dabney Tompkins and Alan Colley reinvented themselves – and their idea of home – in a 40-foot-high, 388-square-foot fire lookout.

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KathrynB621 says:

I would do this if I won the lottery.

Thomas Schwarzkopf says:

I wonder if they ever have issues with lightning, or wind. Those are my biggest concerns but those slide-rule engineers have all that figured out I'm sure.

Raven T says:

What a beautiful home!

Wilbur Snaffel says:

Queers in the Watch Tower. Sound like a good name for a video game.

Calvin Thapa says:

Find a solution to install an elevator powered by Solar Energy.
You guys don't have families? Sorry for asking.

derek voneynern says:

what is the name of the guitar song? i must learn it. so peaceful. someone please help if you know

Conan-the-Barbarian Bryant-420 says:

It wld be great in a zombie apocalypse lol i love it great job

Lord of Cinder says:

I would love to have a place up in the mountains, as well as in the forest and on a tropical island

0ff topic guy says:

They can pack all the fudge they want and only the bears will be offended by the smell.

Mehdi Mirze says:

Do u mean "Firewatch lookout house in real life"?

Jurgen Van Den Bergh says:

This is amazing! It is my dream to live like that.

D Fisher says:

5 am , I am watching these awsome guys AGAIN. 😀

We are building a fire watch tower too 😄.

Stephen Hill says:

It warms my heart to see that almost NO ONE has anything to say about them being a couple. It's a rare thing to see these days. Bravo to this perfect couple.

Callihan Hopwood says:

I will make it myself this week I think. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I'm ready for do it 😀

D Fisher says:

I would love to have the name of the designer of this awsome firetower.

keith old bean says:

Two  happy men living together .  what's wrong with that…

Sandy Lee says:

Ya i am sure, the builders, who came before you, built it, just so that you can play tree house, and ram wood, in to your boyfriend's trunk.

Chris Snyder says:

Not a tree house. It is a house on stilts. My house is off the ground and most certainly is not a tree house. Ask a 4 year old what a tree house is and stop making such claims.

Mr. Cairo says:

Do you piss off the balcony?

Mr. Cairo says:

Wrong Turn….

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