Wooden Sailboat Building meets TREE HOUSE DESIGNS?- Free Spirit Sphere Tiny Orb Cabins

Wooden Sailboat Building meets TREE HOUSE DESIGNS?- Free Spirit Sphere Tiny Orb Cabins

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, HGTV/DIY Network host/designer, and host of “Tiny Yellow House”, heads out to Vancouver Island, BC in Canada to check out two of Tom Cudleigh’s cable-suspended tree houses- one’s you can spend the night in! These Orb-like tree houses have been featured in numerous tv shows, tiny house design books, magazines, and beyond. They’re often described as custom wooden boats (in their approach) in the sky.



B3nny3 says:

The "extreme craftmanship" have some room for zip ties too! XD at 01:48

Devin du Plessis says:

It's amazing. My critique is that the exterior is innovative and contemporary in a sense but the interior is tradtional and lacks the same imagination as the exterior. I've seen it happen in a number of American houses where the form is unbelievable but the interior lets it down. Thankfull those are minor details which can be easily changed (relatively speaking). But Good job on actually building it rather than just watching someone else do it- like me haha.

icic5 says:

who else thought poopy pencils??

DJ Chelleshockd says:

That porno music tho…. πŸ˜‚

Getrommel says:

What a tit.

Kevin Pickford says:

Canada has all the cool shit man

mountainfolks says:

Looks cool. Too bad the filming is so bad, seems like they did not want to give a wider view of the entire sphere in the inside. Need to learn how to handle a camera for a more enjoyable view for your viewers.

Mark Linn* says:

The tiny orb treehouses are quite haunting to see.

Roni Rios says:

Beautiful workmanship! Let people know where to purchase and approx how much.

Mescolito says:

These look like they would be fun. I wonder if they would offer a "thrillseeker" package if the spheres could fit inside a standard size circus cannon and shot into the sky from a mountain top. I'd definitely want extra padding on the interior walls for that, but man, what a ride that would be!!

Narelle Works says:

Terrific use of space. The round shape fascinates me. A touch of steampunk in the mechanisms. Would love to visit!

Adrian Stabb says:

put toilot in tree

Inspector420 says:

would it be good in a big storm?

Ziaullah Mohammadi says:

are they for sell how much

Ivan Castillo says:

make it look like the death star that be awsome.

ThatOneGuyWithALongUsername says:

1 problem… Trees fall

TributesAndUnique says:

Where do people take showers?

icarus k says:

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μΈκ°„μ˜ κ΄€μ μ—μ„œλ‚˜ λ‚­λ§Œμ μ΄μ§€…
이건 λ‚˜λ¬΄μ—κ²Œ 기생좩(parasitic insect)μ΄λ‚˜ 닀름없닀

karima Osmani says:

What an amazing speaker! And very charming.. I like the tree house too. Would have loved to see what the stairs

phillip harden says:

I really love that tree house!

Walkertongdee says:

where is the freekin boat Deek?

ashtweth says:

make a sky light in it, and grow some pot already, whooops i better water mine ..whoops i dont need to rain water tank harvest, ITS A GROW BEACON LOL

C Tomlin says:

floor makes it less than 10.5 high at ceiling. Really love it!

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