$40 Farmhouse Coffee Table – Easy to Build #anawhite

$40 Farmhouse Coffee Table – Easy to Build #anawhite

SOOOO easy to build!!! All you need is a drill and a saw. Looks like a $500 coffee table but cost less than $40 to build!

PLANS: https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/farmhouse-coffee-table-beginnerunder-40



D E says:

Where did you glue? and what if some glue gets on the wood surface that will be stained? Will the stain stick if a little glue residue is left behind?

Silver Fox says:

Beauty !! Well done

chris65645 says:

Love this idea. Built one myself over the weekend. Did you use a rag to stain it?

Jessica Palomo says:

Wow!! Love this. Definitely gonna have to make. You make it look so easy though! 😏 did you end up making end tables to match? I would love to see that

Cameron Neary says:

Hello, I love the video! I'm wondering what was the software you used to build it in your computer first?

Emer Henry says:

Just shared this to FB Ana. This is exactly what I need right now. I have a big wooden shoe storage trunk that opens awkward. I have no coffee table. I can rip apart the useless shoe storage box and reinvent it!!! Yay, no need to go to shops (hopefully – which I can't anyway!) and no need to spend. Thank you for this. At least I can start and hope I don't run out of something!! Hope you guys are keeping safe over there. Sending good wishes from Ireland.

Doodle Bug says:

I'll probably make one very similar, although I am a fan of hiding every screw if possible whether it be pocket holes or wood filler….

Nadya Hudspeth says:

What's the measurements that you used?

alexamerica says:

Just built this since I’m home from work,! Only positive of

Gerald Hiwauli says:

That coffee table looks great

BS17 says:

Thank you SO much! You made this super easy! No one else makes it this easy for others to follow! How long and wide is your table though? I have a fairly large house so my living room is big also and I don’t want a little bitty coffee table.

Gyula R1985 says:

You are very cute and very clever!
Perfect job!

Jay MyLotto says:

What's a woman doing with lumber? Lol.

Spencer Dowers says:

I have never made anything before but I’m so motivated to try and make this!! Thank you!! So awesome!! Getting married in 5 months and I want to have my own stuff around the house!!

J. Renteria says:

What if I wanted to make it a lift top table? You got any advise? Would like to make one just like this but really want a lift top.

Clara Jennings says:

Thanks so much. Awesome project and easy.

Orginaldrocks361 says:

Thank you thank you!!! We are moving into our forever dream home in two months and I’m going to build the coffee table, end tables, and the console table!! It matches perfectly with what we are having built in the home!! I can’t wait!

Maude Lecours-Gosselin says:

Hi ! How did you hide the screws heads ? Thank you

Spinks says:

https://imgur.com/5hk4Tda nahh you're hiding the grain…this is an ugly sonna bitch here…absolutleyyy warlockkk dungeon table lol…idk where the hell found that ditch shit lol.

Abraham Cruz says:

Amazing project! Will be starting mine tomorrow

Chris Turner says:

I love the table a lot and am definitely going to build one now , quick question did you do anything to hide the screw holes or no

alone wolf says:

Mom is biggest country in the world , look her children are playind around and she is strungle hard their life

Doron Meir says:

LOL "with just a drill and a saw"
*enters her fully equipped workshop
The table is very nice though 🙂

Neil Hendricks says:

Hi Anna
First time to comment on one of your projects. I like the table design and using the 2×6 as an easier way to attach the side rails. Two things I would do differently – use the trim-head screws with the smooth shank. The ones you used are for composite materials, as you likely know. When I build with wood, I sometimes make mistakes etc. and when I remove screws made for composite from wood, the reverse threads pull up wood fibers. Secondly, I believe using a half-lap on the cross members would made for an easier build. This is a project that could be done by the beginner woodworker with a tape, pencil, handsaw, square, maybe sharp chisel, and, as you did, a screw gun/driver. Thank you so much for the clear and concise video, showing materials used right up front. I like it.

Atthen Thomas says:

Looks like a have a project for the next week 😛

Neela Kandan says:

Nice to learn

kostas marinos says:


Melissa Barron says:

Awesome! Love to see the whole set

Jacob Stevenson says:

Love the video. How do you find the angles when cutting the x's?

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