5 Best Woodworking Tips – Tricks

5 Best Woodworking Tips – Tricks

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Mr. Amazing Works says:

Do not forget to click like, comment, share and subscribe.


Уроки трудов для начальных классов!

Сергей Шереметьев says:

Столетняя плесень и пыль лежат на сборниках таких полезных советов.

TheXJthatCould says:

Pre drill,counter sink, use a smaller nail for thinner wood, and drill a bigger hole…. this isn’t wood working, it’s doing a shitty job…

gaby71 says:

PZ = pozidriv
PH = phillips

Yo no hablo en ingles , pero deberías de aprender antes de enseñar

digbydt says:

All good tips apart from using your screwdriver bit as a countersink, buy a countersink bit or use a very blunt 10mm+ drill bit before you drill the small pilot hole or it will drag the drill straight through in seconds.

Bravo Luca says:

All very good ideas

mr бУрУнДима says:

повторение мать учения

سليمان تك says:


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