50 Amazing Uses for Wood Pallets

50 Amazing Uses for Wood Pallets

In this video I’m showing you guys 50 genius and amazing uses for wood pallets! None of these ideas are mine; I just wanted to show you what some amazing people have done with theirs to give you all ideas on what you could do with yours!

Idea Information
1. https://goo.gl/XLVpGv
2. https://goo.gl/mPejx2
3. https://goo.gl/ct2dqa
4. https://goo.gl/T8M28q
5. https://goo.gl/ptTS7m
6. https://goo.gl/bjs76d
7. https://goo.gl/5h4C91
8. https://goo.gl/cqCQ3U
9. https://goo.gl/f8exbv
10. https://goo.gl/Q581zz
11. https://goo.gl/j6zVgf
12. https://goo.gl/fTDpnR
13. https://goo.gl/wje9HG
14. https://goo.gl/mY8chD
15. https://goo.gl/5znv5d
16. https://goo.gl/Cm5sJy
17. https://goo.gl/XZfRVC
18. https://goo.gl/uYCxnn
19. https://goo.gl/vQ6cyx
20. https://goo.gl/wU9EQk
21. https://goo.gl/2oGi7t
22. https://goo.gl/ZHJfQV
23. https://goo.gl/JbaFpj
24. https://goo.gl/bgSVwx
25. https://goo.gl/S2shiK
26. https://goo.gl/P78d21
27. https://goo.gl/w8MEBX
28. https://goo.gl/gwkeDY
29. https://goo.gl/5kqivj
30. https://goo.gl/DMHo5z
31. https://goo.gl/zR6Qof
32. https://goo.gl/F9tBui
33. https://goo.gl/BHphzF
34. https://goo.gl/APoNF8
35. https://goo.gl/xLZMU1
36. https://goo.gl/EVGJCB
37. https://goo.gl/ASfozu
38. https://goo.gl/jjGNrt
39. https://goo.gl/KyFseR
40. https://goo.gl/hHXJsM
41. https://goo.gl/1oCEfv
42. https://goo.gl/8bzEvK
43. https://goo.gl/5Qy7VC
44. https://goo.gl/j9YkWd
45. https://goo.gl/wuUtcn
46. https://goo.gl/EUMpB8
47. https://goo.gl/VkYbc8
48. https://goo.gl/btFKLB
49. https://goo.gl/yQ8m5d
50. https://goo.gl/U2m7Xm

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Michael Babb says:

all this time I've been misusing all this stuff ……i was loading trucks with them, what a bloody waste

amy djaini says:

I'm using pallets as a bedroom for 2 rooms also sofa at living room in my house….very cheap and nice….

KajunMs39 says:

Absolutely LOVED the kids playground & patio ideas.. now the instructions…..hmmmmm😚😚🙃😗

hector rodriguez says:

Impresionante Sr.foysi

Kyle Brown says:

Those some great ideas a lot of which hadn't have thought of thanks Thanks for reading PEACE

산책길 정원 says:


The Kingslayer says:

Or I could break them for +50 wood

Dig Digger says:

it's called framing

jarno ronkainen says:

LOL… did you any got some 'wow' feeling xD i lost my shiz xD daym….

Chris Ken says:

house with swimming pool. Now I just need to buy myself a small piece of land … and live like a king !!!

T. Dee says:

I like your voice.

Witaj Kumplu says:

Gdzie Axidus i ich łóżka z palet

that one lonely eagle says:

Thanks for sparking an idea for my new bed

Noel Hanna says:

And then there's the twelve in northern ireland they burn them mother F****ers ha ha ha

SAMO 6IX says:

Fortnite players see materials instantly

Ibrahim Hassan says:

Thanks alot and i know what to do frome now on! !

Rob Dowling says:

Some pallets have a  "  burnt on stamp  " on the base beam  with an identifying code  for example  "  HT  " THIS MEANS THE TIMBER  USED  IS  "  HEAT  TREATED  "  and is  chemical free .

Jim Remsnyder says:

The Ingenuity of people is amazing. I'm going to construct a shop.

Michael Robertson says:

I don't trust them because extremely hazardous chemicals gets spilled on them.

Josuha Micheal Long says:

Where would one find the schematics for most of these

Chuck Kelly says:

Ya know the only thing you can make from a pallet that actually looks good in the end?
…… a fire.

Dan Lettuce says:

Pallets are ace!

OttoNL says:

I have heard the term Cornhole hundreds of times, but never in a non filthy way :p

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