$600 From Scrap Wood — DIY Wood Coasters — How To Woodworking

$600 From Scrap Wood  — DIY Wood Coasters — How To Woodworking

How to make thin wood coasters from your scrap wood. Comprehensive video showing every step to make unique wood coasters from your offcuts. Even when to sell them, and how much to charge!



synergy-ck says:

*sigh" I need a bandsaw.

Troy Erickson says:

toss up between 3&4, like them all tbh.

Maura Olson says:

Love them all! Great work. Thanks for the inspiration and idea. Cheers! 🙂

Ted Hopp says:

Beautiful work. How do you go about selling stuff like this? Do you have your own storefront?

BushCraft Gangster says:

Super nice. However,I cant stress this enough. Way,way,way too high a price. Where do you live? Dubai?

Ironclad says:

For something the size of a coaster the natural edges of the wood are hard to appreciate. I don't suppose it would be worth it to epoxy them as well.

KevBotWorkshop says:

Number 1 and 3 are cool, but I’m just curious about about surface area for the drinks to sit on. I assume you think about it making it big enough that the drink is supported enough

Chrystal Dunlow says:

I love them all!❤️

Steven Richardson says:

If I was standing at your table and buying a set, I would lean to the live edge options. However, each person and their preferences are different. I don't think it's a waste of time to make any set/option. Someone will swear the perfect square is the way to go while another will want the live edge/cracked version. The best one is the one that sells.

Janie Gonzalez says:

I liked all of them honestly except I think if you would have added resin/epoxy on the live edge ones to "complete" the square, they would have looked much much better. They're still gorgeous for sure but I feel that was the only thing "missing" at least for me imho. Maybe in a black epoxy to match the look. Really cool nonetheless and I to save my scraps lol

Simon says:

No. 2 looks the best to me.

vbaspcppguy says:

I personally prefer the squares. And the book matched, those were particularly nice. But live edge stuff seems to be big right now. I'd bet they all sell pretty well.

Jimbo's Welding Shop Aka: The humble welder says:

I just had a friend of mine contact me about coming and getting all her late husbands burl. Now I know what I’ll do with the scraps.

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Looks beautiful 😊

Durst says:

WOW! I can see how you can charge so much for them! Dang!
Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday I too will be lucky enough to have a workshop.

beccaboonot4you says:

I thought they were all good very good work

Josh Crozier says:

I really love all of them and you’ve really inspired me to do the same! I just made some spalted silver maple ones after you. Thank you for the video! And keep up the amazing work! 🤙🏻🔥

kasper7106 says:

I like the square coasters the best but then again I am not a fan of live edge anything

Benzo Effect says:

I liked 3 the best

Ryan L says:

2 is my favorite. The live edge ones would scare me because if you didnt set your drink down the right way, could fall over.

Lewis Clark says:

To answer your question, I prefer the square one, #4.

OneVeryOrdinaryMan says:

Like all. 😀👍👍👍

BlackCat2 says:

The cool thing with people is that everyone's taste is so different… and the frustrating thing about people is that everyone's taste is so different. 😛 I am sure someone will like each kind. I like both with the cracks/live edge and without. – Heidi

Marco Velez says:

Gorgeous 👌 I really liked the live-edge looking ones with the cracks and imperfections 💯

Steve Park says:

I love all of them! Great work!

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