Build a Dog Wading Pool | DIY Project

Build a Dog Wading Pool | DIY Project

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sam frankss says:

draining a pool you can use a siphon if you have problem getting drain bung

sam frankss says:

draining a pool you can use a siphon if you have problem getting drain bung

PostersGaming says:

The water will need to be emptied regulurlrly – LOL

Kris Gasteiger says:

Delightful project. My lady and I were just talking about getting a kiddie pool for our Shepard mix. He's destroying the yard, making cool spots, but won't join us in the big pool… If he'll use the kiddie pool I'm getting him, tomorrow, I'll build him the whole shebang!

Andrew Paterson says:

new tattoo on left wrist or dirt?

exroyalcanadian says:

Congrats on the BIG 1 000 000 subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Moran says:

Congrats on 1 million

Bronco Dave says:

I need to know. How did I go from April to Ann to Ashley to Amber. And am I just working on the"A"s. Life could not get any better. love you April thank you for all your hard work. And love your new shop!

billy19461 says:

Do do custom sawing on your mill?

scaryfriend1 says:

Neat project – just curious though if all boards shrink why not but them together on the larger pool like second project to have even less gaps.

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Great build April! Thanks for sharing the video.👌👍😎JP

Cliff Meadows says:

Some people have WAY too much time on their hands! :>)

freeman621 says:

I love the dog projects! Double the fun!

Daniel Campbell says:

Great Project, easy to follow, and looks cool, Bet the dogs love it.

Craig Pereira says:

Awesome. Sure the dogs love it.

Andy Bennett says:

I think your mom needs her own channel! I'll subscribe.

birdyboyblue says:

Awe, pampered pooches

Big SabertoothBunny says:

This one is great, love it. I may make this for the kiddy pool that I use for my wife's flightless ducks. It will be easier for them to get in and out with this, thanks.

Mark Lengal says:

Not only a pool but a great dog bath idea. Thanks for the inspiration

Woodworking Craftsman says:

Great ideas for pet! Dog pool… thank for sharing

Jonny DIY says:

Doggone great! 😁🤙

Wes Netmo says:

your mom is amazing! 😀

Robt Smith says:

Thanks , Your sooooo lucky to still have Mom & Dad around , She did a great job of helping. Hi Five for her as well as you !

Dana Nelson says:

Cool pool, cool dogs, cool helper.

misterwunderfull123 says:

i like dogs

Ken Charm says:

Cool idea. But, your 'deck' boards are going to warp with only a single screw in the middle on each side. Two screws make things far more stable. Further, crowning your decking will also help keep it looking consistent as the weather changes and wood moves. Speaking of which, the glue is useless on deck construction. The wood will move so much that the joints need to be able to move. Screws are good choices, either stainless or ceramic coated, or, frankly, a finish head, hot dipped galvanized nail. All that said, I feel a project coming on thanks to this great idea!

Heike Woolard says:

Love the pools and love the shirt, but it's a shame it's not 100% cotton. Can't wear Poly. 🙁

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