Cool idea ! Do not throw away scraps of wood !

Cool idea ! Do not throw away scraps of wood !

This device saved me $ 50 )
Hello! Watch a new video with an interesting idea!
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On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.
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HandCraft says:

Hello! Watch a new video with an interesting idea!

David Ratcliffe says:

Wow a flipping nutcracker! brilliant !

Carol's Oldies/Soul says:

That's cool..okay now, make me one😃

Awe Full Mike says:

4:16 Did you lick the glue off of your finger?

Jimmy Cogsdil says:

I love this video

Relaxation And Satisfaction says:

My door works well.

Herus says:

now your wife can crack your nuts !:)

Dogstar says:

Just put a stop on the saw.

Stubble Stag says:

Surely the title should be 'how to toss off your time when you have nothing going on in your life'? Much love!

Ahmad Mabruri says:

Hahaha.. At first I thought you were making an ashtray.. And then after you added a separation I thought it's a container for something else.. And beyond my expectations, it's a nutcracker.. 😁😁 Well done!

Tom Dees says:

…nope…I didn't see that coming either…and not one nail or screw, pretty cool! 😎

Titusman says:

Very crafty idea…. But even played at 1.75x speed I could not watch without jumping to the end.

***How-to-videos;Fast+Clarity-Introspep=$9000000% People you made happy wether they know it or not***😉

Mary Cornelio says:

Its weird how i see on the thumbnail like dirty as my mind lol

Jasmine Allen says:

Sleeping baby Jesus, it's a fucking nutcracker…

Ajoy Lal says:

Cracked my nuts ….anyway good stay busy

Howard James says:

Videos for imbeciles!

Arctic Seraph says:

I wish I can afford to buy tools.

Ryan Shepard says:

5:25 thats all u need to watch

Russ B says:

slow clapping 👏👏👏…

Richie Primo says:

There goes 6 minutes of my life I'll never get back… I must be nuts

bulion solst says:

реклама метабо!!! диз

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