CRAZY Scrap Wood Project!. Bottle Opener…Catapult Style!!

CRAZY Scrap Wood Project!. Bottle Opener…Catapult Style!! CRAZY Scrap Wood Project. How to make a
Bottle Opener! Now this is my type of Project! Scrap Wood Projects are a great way to use up all those scraps in the shed that you would otherwise throw out. These type of simple wooden projects also utilize limited tools which mean that anybody can tackle them with ease and confidence. With a Budget of under $$$ FIVE BUCKS you can make this Simple DIY Beer Bottle Catapult that you can bring out next time you get a few mates around! Trust me …they’ll be impressed and will be dying to have a go! Some people open bottles with their teeth, some with a Bic Lighter and others even use a designated bottle opener..What The?? Personally, l prefer to launch my bottle tops into the stratosphere!
Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Before l go on…
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Have a great day and l’ll see you again real soon. 😁



Tater’s Woodshop says:

Coopers Mild Ale 3.5%
Cactus planter
Great video as always and always good to see you 👍👍

benzracer says:

My absolute favorite brew would be Fiji bitter.

Elysian split shot from Washington is a close second, since I don't live in Fiji anymore haha.

I know I'm probably late but it's Cooper's Mild ale and that fantastic cactus planter.

Ass Möde says:

dang that actually is pretty cool. definitely want to make of these for the next bbq or camping trip xD

Eric Talley says:

Favorite brew: Cooper's Mild Ale 3.5%

First Project: Cactus Planter

I know that I didn't make it to the 1st 20, but I would be just as happy being the random choice. Cheers.

Daniel Campbell says:

I love all your stuff, sir. I would love to see more practical stuff on here too though. More tables, chairs, shelves, TV Tray (need to make one for my daughter to eat in bed), ETC. Although, I imagine that stuff is pretty boring for you at this point. No matter what you decide to do videos on though, I'm a subscriber for life. 🙂

kid video says:

got a bottle opener foot on my keychain, but when i am not driving i am screwed. so when i need to open a bottle i go out for a drive and open the bottle then drive home real fast before it gets hot.

lonewolfcry says:

Fat tire is my favorite and the answers are Coopers Mild Ale 3.5%
and scrap wood/ pallet wood Cactus planter.

Colm Cenz says:

I like how you teach basic concepts using projects that won't break the bank. Love the Aussie humour too.

Favourite brew: Cooper's Mild Ale
First Project: Cactus Planter

john says:

Coopers Mild Ale
Cactus planter.
Great Video !!!

Jared Hammel says:

This is awesome!

funkysod says:

Fun project, and smashingly presented, as always! Thanks!

PotatoTaco says:

Cooper's mild ale 3.5%
Cactus planter

Awesome video. Definitely making this one. Should have everything but the bolt. 👍

David Lovell says:

Coopers mid strength.
Cactus planter.
1000 is not too early for a frothy… fact in some cultures it is too late !
Great work again UK

Jimmie Robinson says:

Cooper's brewery mild ail 3.5%

DIY cactus planter

Matthew Williams says:

Good to see the Coopers, KNACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted Glover says:

Coopers Mild Ale with 3.5% and a cactus planter. Becks is my favorite.

SandiRose says:

Buncha sissies. I like to just brake off the neck on a rock and swig my beer down. That's right, I carry a rock around in my purse. And I may be lipless, but there's no better way to down a beer!
Of course, that might be why I'm still single, but who cares.
Say, Knackers, you got the number of that cutie who likes to bite off the caps? He's got that kinda sway and swagger I like in a man. He's definitely my type!
LOL. Loved the video, Shane! Thanks.

Mike Tabanji says:

Cooper's mild ale. 3.5%. And a cactus planter

Liam Hill says:

Coopers mild ale, = Fave brew, and Cactus Planter = First scrap wood challenge . Great video mate.

uKNOWuLIKE that says:

never realized how much I needed a capapult in my life until now, nice job. coopers mild ale 3.5 and a cactus planter

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