DIY Christmas Project – Wooden Soap Dishes (CMRW#26)

DIY Christmas Project – Wooden Soap Dishes (CMRW#26)

I made 10 wooden soap dishes for a relative. I used cedar from a scrap 4×4 post. These are easy to make as Christmas gifts or to sell at craft shows or on Etsy. I’ve seen people sell tons of these on Etsy for 4 or 5 bucks a piece.

I would not recommend using cedar as it’s very brittle and very soft, which makes it almost impossible to make these without blemishes. I used poplar a couple of years ago and those have held up just fine.

You have to cut the grooves so that they overlap and give airflow to the bottom of the soap as it sits on the dish so that it can dry. This is especially important for any handmade soap and will make it last longer.




Spring Thyme Primitives says:

these are awesome… even 2+ years later….

Gerardo Slow Burn says:

totally confused

Zac Paquette says:

Those look great! What are the dimensions you're using?

junell king says:

NICE! Do you make to sell in bulk?

Terry Tina says:

cheers mate, got me out of trouble, made six of these,gone down a treat, merry Christmas.

Bubblebath ::o says:

They look great! What type of blade and thickness are you using?

Nadeen Sivic says:

nice work! I make soap. My hubby just built our house, so he should be able to do these for me.  Except he doesn't know how to hoover after his work!!!!  I gotta show him this vid.  cheers

MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas says:

So I didn't have to buy those Chia Pets after all!?!  My poor mother.   You know a few more extra cuts and you have yourself a few trivets.

AdventuresInDIY says:

Those are great quick gifts!.  Your roll out planer work area is a great idea!  I see you're putting the portable router surface to good use.

Matthew Cremona says:

That's a lot of soap dishes 🙂

Carpentrius says:

Nice one. Happy Xmas. 🙂

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