DIY Floating Shelves with Hidden Storage // How To – Woodworking

DIY Floating Shelves with Hidden Storage // How To – Woodworking

Zach, our newest contributing creator, built these DIY floating shelves with hidden storage for his bathroom! This project could also easily be tackled with a circular saw or miter saw, drill, and brad nailer. // Check out Arrow Fastener’s full line of tools and fasteners :

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📦 Materials Used On The DIY Floating Shelves (affiliate):

Arrow 1 1/4″ Brad Nails :
3 x 1” x 6” x 8’ Select Pine
1 x ⅜” x 48” Poplar Dowel
2.5” Wood Screws :
TiteBond II Wood Glue :
Minwax Pre-Stain Conditioner :
Minwax Golden Oak :

🛠 Tools Used On The DIY Floating Shelves (affiliate):

Arrow PT18G Pneumatic Brad Nailer :
Table Saw :
Miter Saw :
Disc Sander :
Trim Router :







Stephen Graham says:

Digging the mirror edits. 👍👍

Maac N Cheese says:

Anyone know the name of the music track at the end of the video?

Kable says:

"functional shelves"
… puts a candle on the bottom shelf underneath other wooden shelves
lets see how functional that lowest shelf really is by lighting that candle

Jack Shane says:

haha i thought i was seeing things for a sec…nice mirror trick!

John Made it says:

Haha mirror edit was nice

Zachary Howe says:

Totally felt like Johnny wrote the voice over.

NiccoHel says:

This project came out looking pretty good. Always thought floating shelves were pretty neat, and I'm not a fan of putting cabinetry over toilets and sinks, so I think this set of shelves is a really good idea. Oh, btw, the word you wanted was "hinges" not necessarily "hardware".

Hair Ball52 says:

Where is Johnny ???

crossan008 says:

who the fook is this guy? -Connor Mcgregor

SithLordBishop says:

Fun video tricks with the mirror

Yonatan24 says:

Wow, your son has grown up so fast! It feels like only last year you quit the podcast because you were so busy!


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