DIY Modern Paper Tray || How To Build – Woodworking

DIY Modern Paper Tray || How To Build – Woodworking

Hey guys, I built this modern file tray / paper tray out of some scrap wood. I used some scrap wood from past project. This not only helped me with some shop organization, it also helped me with my office organization. Thanks for checking it out!


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TOOLS / MATERIALS (affiliate)
■ Microjig Gripper (Affiliate)
■ Microjig Gripper Blocks (Affiliate)
■ Microjig Matchfit Clamps (Affiliate)
■ White Marker (Amazon)
■ Epoxy w/ Slow Hardener Kit (Amazon)
■ Sheathing Tape (Amazon)
■ Colored Pigment (Amazon)
■ Incra 1000HD Miter Gauge (Amazon)
■ Wixey Digital Angle Gauge (Amazon)
■ Plywood Router Bit Set (Amazon)
■ Bandy Clamps (Amazon)

FILM GEAR (affiliate)
■ Main Camera (Amazon)
■ Main Lens (Amazon)
■ Beautyshot Lens (Amazon)
■ Beautyshot Lens #2 (Amazon)
■ Joby Gorillapod (Amazon)
■ Slider (Amazon)
■ Gimbal (Amazon)

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andrewdp3 says:

Let me preface by mentioning that I subscribe to MANY woodworking channels. Often times you receive either expert instruction or great video work, but rarely both. Without exception, I can say that you've achieved the perfect balance. Precision tools and a precision video, well done my friend. Subscribed!

Ngadhnjim Fetiu says:

Good job there.

Faizan Ahmad says:

You should raise you voice volume or lower the music volume when editing.

IMAD says:


benaiche benyamina says:

Thanks for the video!

Spritney Beers says:

Very nice, natural, modern and stylish! We see, if people love what they are doing, they become into the flow. Charma will push you. says:

very good project, i like it..looks great!

сослан гатагов says:

Нахуй ты пиздишт

Dave Is Here says:

i'm a french studient carpenter and i love your setup, your work. it's amazing

Phuntsho jamkharpa says:

where do i get this equipments?

Sven Wagner says:

Modern made but still a classical look – nice work and result!

Jason Bailey says:

Caught you on the Make or Break Podcast. So glad I did, I’m enjoying going through your back catalog.

Heliton Silva says:

Parabéns pelo trabalho, show de bola!

Dalton McMillen says:

great work buddy. this is a nice concept

유주현 says:

This is very similar what I made 2 years ago.
Anyways things always have their inspiration source.
Here's the link of my letter tray :

Samantha Reuter says:

What do you use for finishing? I don't see it in your list above.

Макс Танаев says:

с такими инструментами и оборудованием я блядь ракету построю.

Chris Morris says:

I've just been recommended your channel by YouTube and I must say, I'm impressed. Your editing style, your camera work, your approach to the job at hand and the finished result is simply, stunning. As andrewdp3 rightly says, your video has great balance between teaching and video quality. You my good man, have a new subscriber. I look forward to going through your back catalogue. Regards, Chris from the UK.

Mark Copland says:

Great job. Some content providers would have dragged this out to over an hour. In fact I have spent a few hour viewings on here and learnt far less. Love your content and wish I had access to similar materials and tools lol.

Ben Ben says:

i want this!!!

MarkNiceyard says:

No finger hole on the front.

Harrison Kerle says:

seriously great video my dude, loved it. keep em coming like this

Rob Beverly says:

Alex, I am in love with this design and build… absolutely beautiful! I will definitely be making one and using it on my night stand for wallet, cell, etc. Thanks for sharing your gift! Subscribed!

Zsolt's WorkShop says:

Amazing! very beautiful work!

Jean Potter says:

”Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it) is an amazing book about woodworking. I`m a graduate of a one-year carpentry course from a local tech college. Of all the books I have read during my study about woodworking, I think this is the best book I have read so far. It includes helpful pictures and goes over just about everything. .

Rational Viking says:

You're amazing <3

Сергей Федоров says:

made in china:) chinist

liu kim says:

Excuse me, which paint is you using?

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