DIY plywood crossbow

DIY plywood crossbow

A long time ago I wanted to make a bow. I made it out of 8mm birch plywood. I really enjoyed designing the trigger mechanism.

Tools and materials:
Circular saw:
Rotary tool:
Skil drill:

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The Crude Lab says:

where is the paper template for it?

DIYPD says:

Nice project the crossbow (βαλίστρα)😜!!!

sergeantbigmac says:

Not a crossbow… Also I was confused by the needlessly complicated trigger mechanism until I realized its because you were making a slingshot. Meh

Eddy Yu says:

Wow ! Powerful weapon. Sir, remember don't shoot dogs or squirrels. Hahaha …

Leonilton De Sousa Rodrigues says:

Eu também gostei euqero uma dessa pra mim responde tá

drfeelgud88 says:

Nice, so what ammunition can this take?

Dak D Jonsey says:

Rubber band – toy cross bow.

Kim Nashley Lim says:

Hello! May i ask? What kind of wood did you use and how many yards?

Richard Peterson says:

actually I wouldn't nessisarily need a bolt groove. could just add a loop to the bow string

Richard Peterson says:

trigger is nice. I'd need to figure a way to dramaticaly beef it up. and add a bit of a bolt groove to it to properly knock a bolt. but aside from that, worth keeping in the bag of tricks


Sheesh. splinters man it hurts

Rhonda Adair says:

Thank You for replying. I think I have figured it out enough. I am making it out of EVA foam. So far so good.

Rhonda Adair says:

this is awesome! do you have the pattern or even dimensions? Please?
I think I am going to try to make this out of EVA foam for a stage prop. 🙂

peep X says:

Does anyone have the measurements for the thing?

Jeremy 212 says:

This isn't a crossbow the limbs don't flex.

Ali Rezaei says:

Im the video was 17 mins, i could have made that!

Sakon Teangtong says:


mohammed ja says:

Can u give me the design so i can download it and doit?
Huge thanks good vid

Simon Rapaić says:

for someone who sai this isnt good i wish see you make something better 🙂

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