DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table / Weathered and Aged Finish

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table / Weathered and Aged Finish

Jeremy Hill and I teamed up with Gator Finishing (ALI Industries) for a week during the summer to work on a few projects.

This Rustic Table was the first build we tackled and it took us a few days. It was an honor to spend time with the staff of Gator Finishing while being filmed and creating pure heaven in the form of Cedar.

This video is a great guide on how to prep, build, and finish your own dining room table from start to completion. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on here or instagram. Also link to Gator Finishing by visiting their website and their instagram page linked below.

Some things I learned during the trip and this video was how to age a table with a finish you could brush on from the store. Jeremy shared a process he uses and I will definitely be using it more in the future on my own tables.

We both love using cedar (him more than me) because of the low cost and awesome grain patterns cedar wields.



YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Great video and explanation! The table came out awesome guys. I dig my shop.. but some of those machines totally give me tool envy.

Adam Lavigne says:

Any update on the cut list?

betoloera1 says:

Any updates on a cut list

James Nebeker says:

Do you have the Plans and cut list posted?

Nick B. says:

I have to say. Great build BUT,

Didn’t care for the gray aged color for this table. Love it for other projects. Kind of unsatisfied with how y’all attached the top to the support legs. And lastly. This is probably the most unrealistic and complicated DIY project out there lol. Most people don’t even have smaller versions of the tools used in this video.

Other than than I love the table and honestly probably would have went with only two boards wide on the legs. Not 3.

Hector Toro says:

Great table, just one question, how did you fixed the X's inside the sides?

seanhoyte1 says:

Where can I get the list of martial?

betoloera1 says:

Where can I find the cut list…

Josh Mallett says:

Nice video and great table! But not many people have all the tools you guys are using

PRESA25 says:

Love it. Plans please! Subscribed great work

Tarrant County Chapter says:

Do you have the plans somewhere online?

Adrian Bräysy says:

Great video. I have access to a whole bunch of scots pine, so I'm hoping to make something similar with it

gino volta says:

Wow great job guys. Quick question what are the dimensions of the legs. If I’m seeing correctly it looks like 28”x22”. Thanks

Escobar R says:

Oh I forgot to ask two questions. How did you connect the lap joints for the "X" together? Was it using glue only? Also how did you join the "X's" into the table legs? Were they glued only and friction fitted? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Escobar R says:

This is one BEAUTIFUL table. I'm going to build one for my Family. I'll send pics when it's completed. Also, can't I get the "weathered" look using a mixture of vinegar and steel wool?

VanBo says:

How would I get a full materials list and drawing for this table?

Luke Menear says:

What happened to not using biscuits?

VanBo says:

Subscribed. Amazing work. I plan on using this video as a template to building my family this table.

Dutch shed woodshop says:

Wow awsome! Thank you for the inspiration! 👍👌

Rayle R says:

I really like this. Can you attach a cut/material list.

Giggidygiggidy says:

I love the table and appreciate the extra effort in explaining how you could do it differently. The only negative for me, and obviously it’s only my opinion, is they aged stain/effect. I just don’t like how grey it went. Other than that…👍🏼

Brian Maez says:

Beautiful table can you please add a complete built sheet/cut list thank you

Jason Frederick says:

Can you show the material list? I would love to build this table.

EasyAussieTarget says:

Fantastic build and informative presentation!
Well done gentlemen.

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