DIY Wood Based Candles | A Dwell Made Project

DIY Wood Based Candles | A Dwell Made Project

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In this episode of Dwell Made Mike Montgomery, from Modern Builds experiments with different wood types and species to create unique wood-based soy candles. For additional information be sure and check out the written, step-by-step article:

Key Products:
Candle Making Kit:
Extra Wax:
Extra Long Wicks:
Hot Plate:
Scrap Wood



Garzon Laperle says:

I know you can get solutions for that on woodprix website.

Mopork Hamcrusher says:

Wood-based candles?? That's asking for a house fire. Damn dude; they may look cool, but this is dangerous

neeneesmom2000 says:

Omg! Amazing! I'll take 2 of them! Lol

Yasser Sadlan says:

All video not for you this video made by " home made modern " and so the other video
You can but the name of channels at least

Crafted Workshop says:

Repping that Crafted shirt! Nice project man. These candles are super nice, need to make me some!

Blake Perkins says:

Mike, nice video. But you need to fix the audio…

Erin Longfellow says:

I think these (and the others you did) are awesome. I'd make 'em!

Cèdre Vetter says:

lol you aren't giving up on the candles are you?

Spines And Splines says:

I really love these Mike. I really need to get back to making candles (I learned in a craft class ten million years ago in high school) because it’s so much fun and candles from shops cost a small fortune. I really love the ones on the stacked plywood.

John Nydam says:

Great video Mike! Good use of repurposing scraps and turning them into something functional and beautiful! Makes me want to try it!

Crafty Little Maker says:

Dude, is this a new chanel?

TheElectricCentaur says:

I want to see amazing modern houses and apartments as the primary focus from a Dwell channel.

Sebastiaan says:

Nice video.

Sebastiaan Mollema says:

Hi mike your voice is weird :p great project guys! Creative use of material combination!

Kory Trinrud says:

Love the candles.

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