DIY Wood Farmhouse Headboard

DIY Wood Farmhouse Headboard

I recently made this simple rustic white farmhouse headboard for some good friends. I hit a few roadblocks along the way, but it turned out nice. This is a great DIY project especially if you need a headboard and don’t want to spend a lot of money on one.

Project Resources, materials, and tool links below. Some of these are affiliate links, so they do help me out. Thanks for your support!

French Cleat Wall

Live Edge Side Table

DIY Modern Writing Desk

–3 – 1x6x8
–1 – 1x3x4
–1 – 1x3x8
–1 – 2x4x8
–2 – 2x6x8
–3 – 1x2x8
–2-½” Pocket hole Screws –
–1-¼” Pocket hole Screws –
–1 – 1x4x8 (for french cleat)
–85” Pine cove molding (purchased by the foot)
–16’ Shoe molding (purchased by the foot)
–1 – Wall Trim Moulding
–Minwax stain – Weathered oak –
–Minwax Stain – White –
–Minwax one coat poly -
–Wood filler –

–Miter Saw
–Impact Driver –
–Kreg Jig –
–Random Orbital Sander
–Finish Nailer –

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Made by Mitch says:

Hey friends! I hope you enjoy this one! I didn't clarify a lot with my mistake on the finish. I used a foam brush and put it on too thick. That was most of my problem. I would recommend Polycrylic instead of what I used. I'll link it below. What would you recommend using? Comment below to help others out.

Daniel Nichols says:

Great work! i've been looking around trying to decide if i wanna build a headboard using pallets or just some store bought wood. Well after watching your video i don't think i wanna use pallets. I really like the way your headboard turned out! THANKS FOR THE IDEAS AND INSPIRATION

Lisa Bevill says:

Also, I researched polyurethanes amongst all the pros who use it over their painted furniture..and they all suggested Varathane Ultimate polyurethane satin finish …and that’s all I use now on everything…you can even paint or glaze over the first coat if you make a mistake and then put several coats over that..I have to order it online from Home Depot..they don’t carry on the shelves in the store…I think it comes in a 2 quart set.

Lisa Bevill says:

Where did you get that blue deep set angled screw hole thing? Sorry, have seen those before and wanted to get one for hubby for Christmas?!

Matt Rotuno says:

Is this material for a Queen or a King Sized bed?

Jaybony Bisquit says:

Oh and always make sure ypu clean the wood extra good before staining or applying any paint to the wood surfaces.
'DoneRite home improvements and renovations LLC'

Jaybony Bisquit says:

Looks good bro. However i would glue the small miter cuts on the ends rather than nail them for fear of cracking the peice. Anyways looks good🤘

Ben DeHoag says:

How much did this project cost?

Tom Blalock says:

Where's the materials list? I could have sworn you said there would be a list at the end of the video.

Candace Mcginnis says:

What size does the headboard you made fit…King? or Queen?

Bluebonnet says:

LOVE your idea to sand inside edges of boards. Great look.Thanks.

Cheryl D says:

Nothing stings more than a new product boo boo. But it really looks nice and I enjoyed the video !!! Thank you

Ronald Poddig says:

I really liked the look of that weathered oak. I'm going to be making some coffins for Halloween decorations with some rough cut wood.

Raul Lopez says:

This is awesome!! I definitely want to try out this designs. Is this for a king? Looks like it but can’t tell for sure..?

Kim Rose says:

Beautiful! Love ❤️ it!!

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