DIY Wood Serving Tray | 1 Day Project

DIY Wood Serving Tray | 1 Day Project

I missed out on purchasing a wood hexagon serving tray I saw in stores a while back, so I made my own in one day using only three power tools!

This project is sponsored by DAP.

Link to step-by-step instructions, printable template, & materials:

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Animation: Robert Raimondi

Music: Longing by Joakim Karud
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Felix Reali says:

another great project. might actually try this one myself 🙂

Hey I'm a Maker says:

These geometric projects look like a tone of fun, I really should give it a try! says:

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Jon Sanchez says:

Well done Sam!

Tim Hughes says:

Awesome work. Love it.

Alison Behan says:

Absolutely LOVE this!!!

Jennie and Davis says:

Looks great! Love the brightness of your videos. It's happy and refreshing.

patti burchwell says:

This is so pretty! I love it ❤️

Esmee Vogels says:

Can you make something without that saw? Like, only use handheld tools?

West Cork Woodworks says:

That's a cool project Sam! The two tone colours work really well. Might have to steal this idea!!

Hans de Groot says:

Great job. Thanks for sharing your skills. You really are very inspiring. I don't know if this technique has a name but i think it is possible to call it a "false inlay".
Now you should else make a second one (exactly the same or opposite colors) and hang it on the wall as a clock.

Make It says:

Well done! Turned out great!

Robert Evans says:

Yep can't find it,make it…looks great Sam.

Fred McIntyre says:

Awesome job Sam! 😍👍🏻👊🏻

Алексей Чезганов says:


Keddie Woodshop says:

Dude that's so cool! Great video!

Just Build It Canada says:

Oh! I forgot to say this was another great video BTW , stay awesome 👍👍👍

Just Build It Canada says:

I find it's a hard decision sometimes do I make it or do I just buy it. If I got no choice I definitely make it. And most of the time I want to make it. Unless it's tips on the side of cheeper to buy versus my time. The tough decisions us makers have to go through.😂😂😂👍👍👍

Brett Fullmer says:

Great job. Keep it up 🙂

Mike The Maker says:

You are killing it with these past few videos and that pattern. Great look.

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