DIY Wood Signs | Front Door Decor

DIY Wood Signs | Front Door Decor

You can grab the “cozy up” quote and use it for this project or even print it and hang it up for wall art! Go check it out on my Patreon page:

Let me know you guys thought of this and what you want to see next. I love seeing what you guys create so be sure to hashtag #livingtodiy or slide into my DM’s and share them with me! Stay rad xx.

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Materials used: Old pallets that I had
Wood glue
Paint brushes

Power tools used:Ryobi Wireless Sawzall
Ryobi Wireless 5 inch Orbital Sander
Ryobi Table Saw

Take apart a pallet without power tool:

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silver sky says:

If i put stuff like this in front of my door.. people would just steal it.. 😂😂😂😂

YTFan says:

I like the Welcome sign. Not so much the other one.

Jr. CNC says:

Nice Video.

Graciela Sandt says:

I loved your video. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I have lots of trees and too many scrap wood. I want to do something with them and looking at videos, I found your channel. This is great! Happy New Year 2019!! Blessings.

Jalisa Hadley says:

I still havent found a place to free print different fonts.

Kumari Hansen says:

You did do pallet wood signs!!! I just commented on your insta giveaway saying I wanted to make these!!!! Haha that's awesome!

DIYer Masa says:

Good idea! I will DIY like this movie!

Mindy Bruns says:

Could you recommend a shellac or something to put over it so the weather doesn’t ruin the paint

LiNny Mueller says:

FREEHAND!!! HELL NO! Very nice work!

tami johnson says:

OMG love the dog!!!!

DJ Bohn says:

I really like your front door! I wish I could see the top of it! Do you know where it's from??

Gabby Lopez says:

Please could you share the link to where to buy the transfer paper??
This is such a cool idea thanx 🙂

Anita Zwiener says:

Am I able to send you a picture of the sign I am doing?

Anita Zwiener says:

I am making my first wood sign, should of looked up these videos first. I did not sand the pallet wood, and did not stain it first. I have the words on the wood using carbon paper and a pencil. Now want to use a paint pen to fill in the words, and was wondering can I put a clear stain after I paint the words? Want to put the sign outside and have it last. thank you

Dee Wee says:

I read the sign as 'Come in and crazy up', which seems appropriate in my house.

Aleksandra Kocic says:

was offline for couple of days, now I'm doing rachel marathon

Isabella says:

Theses look so cute!

20ilovemusik says:

I was just looking for something like this for x-mas. Might as well get started, and hopefully it’s done before x-mas lol.

amanda rodriguez says:

This is so cute 😍💖

jake360flip says:

Sup Rachel!
Be careful when using power tools with gloves. Most of the time it's a no go because your gloves can get pulled into the tools.
Be safe. Great work.

Debbie evans 29 says:

Love me some pallet wood diy's so versatile,love the from uk xx

Benny Chavez says:

A well done done sign I like the tall one that you traced the letters on to. Much love Rachel #DIY

Mihai Murarus says:

this is a great idea! I think i might try this with my sister. Nice work on this one!

Parsa Ahmadi says:

I might try this one!

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