DIY – Woodworking project | Wood watch and pen display

DIY – Woodworking project | Wood watch and pen display

Building a simple rustic watch and pen display. Easy Woodworking project. Follow this link for a chance to win a Jord Watch
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Nader Fawzy says:

15 years I had a sculption professor who was teaching us about sculption concepts.
Actually this piece of art is the active brief for all what he thought us.

Roy Wrenn says:

Izzy that looks great! The simplicity of it is what makes it stand out the most.
Happy Holidays

Thanks for sharing

Kaged Creations says:

The design is great for these, accents the wood watch without drawing attention away from them

Mike Tarzwell says:


shubus says:

Love the simplicity of the design and careful selection of the wood.

Adam McInnis says:

Izzy over-engineer?? Noo haha. Love it brother

Alan Mullock says:

Less is more! BRILLIANT work Izzy👍👍👍👍👍👍

nortesport says:

Simple is good. Keep up the good work Izzy

Stone Hunter says:

Wow simple yet impressiv. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work

ilana grandpa says:

Love the looks but would have been better without the glossy finish.

Jan-Roar Bernhardsen says:

It looks awesome. Easy design, but nice stand for the watches and the pens

Joe Daq says:

Beauty in Simplicity… Nice

TechEdFireman says:

I didn't see my pen in the mix 🙁 Great simple design shows off the pieces well.

Bassedmen says:

Who? You, Over design? Nah, No way. Love it. I’m going to try building one myself.
You the Man!

Scrap wood City says:

Beautiful project and video

christophe leblanc says:

love your back ground wall , warm and inviting,

JusBidniss says:

Great display, Izzy. I liked the effect of the lacquer on the hickory bark, and the sanded live edge gave it a sort of driftwood character. Definitely gonna use both those techniques. Still trying to figure out how I feel about the miter joint, seemed a little pointy or something. I remembered an old video of yours where you used a sled jig, a tablesaw and hand drill to cut tenons on the ends of logs for chair parts. A tenon on the end of that horizontal piece joining it to the vertical one I think would have looked superb, and very natural. But still, a very nice display overall, very photogenic.

uKNOWuLIKE that says:

Izzy, the wife is letting me go over to the Makers Central next year, hope this doesn't sound weird but if I see you can I get a photo of you putting me in a headlock, not sure why but that seems a cool photo. nice job on the display

ManCraftingTM says:

Great to see you putting out a video. Even if it wasn’t your most complex build. They can’t all be bowling ball jigs and dinosaurs. Talk to you soon.

John sweda says:

Please get some dust extraction. and wear a mask! Always! You think you're ok now! but when you get to old age then it's will be an issue!! as I'm sure you're aware of people in your industry suffer from emphysema or worse cancer. I sort using a natural bent log would have been better than putting a 90 degree joint, the Aesthetics would be better? Enjoy what you do don't see so much creativity any more in your wacky inventions why is this??

Duncan MacKenzie says:

Nice. Thanks.

PA Paper Art says:

Beautiful diy 😃

(see our first video 😉)

Jay Swan says:

That was an Awesome project. Thanks

Tankvej says:

Ahoj tak to je parádní prácička Tankvej

Terry Mathews says:

Finally, you’re back with a project. TTU

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