How to Build a Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table | DIY Woodworking

How to Build a Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table | DIY Woodworking

How to Build a Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table from rough lumber all the way to finished woodworking project. We’re on the advanced side of DIY here 🙂
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This coffee table build used a lot of tools but can be done with pre-dimensioned wood and assembled with pocket holes for an easier DIY coffee table project if you want. The classic styling is a bit more modern than the typical farmhouse build and would go great in almost any home. Get the plans and build one yourself!

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Fix This Build That says:

You can get easy to follow plans for this build (with easier joinery if you want it) here:

LTD Woodworks says:

Beautiful table!👏 Love me some walnut!👍

Kevin R. says:

“Until next time, get out there, buy $10k worth of shop tools, rig up dust collection, spend a day building jigs, and… something awesome.”
Kidding aside, well done. Beautiful table.

King says:

What brand of power tool do you recommend I see your using ridgid brand. Do you recommend CRAFTMAN BY LOWES.

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Nice looking coffee table Brad! Thanks for sharing the video.👍👌😎JP

David Handley says:

Some very good advice there. Thanks!

Jaka Krameršek says:

Could you try to make woden ring

fapping2quelaag says:

That came out great. Nice job.

Gabriel Cunha says:

You just convince me to spent 200grand in tools to make a 1000$ table. Woking on it right now… 🤔 The thought I mean

Something From The Shed says:

7.43 Jowl joinery. baaaahahaha

Terri Stroh says:

I earned the fancy double chin strap by visiting various hamburger joints and donut shops. I don’t recall actually getting a package and I don’t know exactly who gifted it to me. It seems I just woke up with it one day. Ah, what a life!

Juliet Phillips says:

It came out great! A lot of work went into milling the rough lumber. If you don't already have one, maybe you can add a domino joiner to your expensive bag of tricks.

G LG says:

Beautiful!!!! You are such a joy to watch! You explain everything so well! Peace and Good Fortune to you and your family!!!

Daniel Smail says:

Absolutely beautiful!

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