How To Build A Wooden Desk Lamp | DIY Project

How To Build A Wooden Desk Lamp | DIY Project

In this video I am going to show you how to make this gorgeous looking wooden desk lamp using simple hand tools.

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1. Solid wood board 3 cm wide, 3 cm thick:
– 2 x 27 cm
– 1 x 20 cm
– 1 x 17 cm
– 1 x 11 cm
– 1 x 8 cm
– 1 x 6 cm
– 1 x 3 cm

2. Solid wood board 1 cm wide, 1 cm thick:
– 4 x 20 cm
– 8 x 13 cm

3. Frame support 5 cm wide, 13 cm long

4. Paper 21 cm wide, 62 cm long

5. Linen fabric 23 cm wide, 63 cm long

– Wood board 3 cm wide and thick (your local hardware store)
– Wood board 1 cm wide and thick (your local hardware store)
– Wood board 5 x 13 cm (your local hardware store)
– Brown spray paint
– Wood glue
– White paper
– Linen fabric
– Light bulb socket with cord
– LED Light bulb

– Hand saw
– Cordless drill
– Forstner bits
– Ruler
– Square ruler
– Clamps
– Sand paper




Svetlozar Hristov says:

Thank you for the non-retared units! 🙂

Jakcam1 says:

Gracias por tu video, muy lindo trabajo felicidades.

Kauan O. Horvath says:

This is the most beautiful diy who i have seen on this YouTube, thank you to share this!

Aloiz Brench says:

Lamp is great!
But your beautiful voice combined with your sweet accent are even better!

Sunil Kumar says:

Which wood you using

Danielle Walcott says:

Awesome project! Thanks for sharing! Be well. ~ Danielle

Med.Amine Access says:

I love it very much, but why you don't use LED light?

Mickey D. Guakneme H says:

Muyyyy genialllllll ! _ , es sencillo y super elegante ! Gracias por ese tutoríal , me motivan mucho para hacer eso ! Muchas gracias

Jovito Callangan says:

You deserve more subscribers!!! Your videos are great!

MG Makes says:

Great build and very informative. I was blown away with the look. Thanks for sharing. 👊👊

Hi im iFranco says:

It is just amaizing! Great lamp! thx

Eric Mason says:

Very cool. Great design

erick stark says:

really nice

Latino Jaime says:

Girl with no name, congratulations, you've done a perfect job. Good on ya.

Phil Richmond says:

I liked the video. I think it would be an idea to put a thin wood strip around the circumference of the lamp shade to stop material from peeling off due to any heat.

Giovanni Sartori says:

Molto bella, bravissima, un bellissimo design (Very beautiful, very good, a beautiful design)

Chris Walters says:

You make use the same tools you have and make the lamp much stronger. Right now its put together with butt joints, which is the weakest of all the woodworking joints. But it you take a longer drill bit and drill holes into each joint, drop in some wood glue, then run a dowel in, not only would that make the lamp much stronger. But the dowels can be cut flush and sanded leaving you with a nice circular design feature at each joint.

Just a thought, great project

wireless killer says:

Loved it mam…. it was amazing …and well build …. .. well wanna ask a question ..we're are u from…. ur assent was quit new to me ….😊😍😘

MsFtKtTy says:

Project looks great. But since you say in other comments you are a bit of a beginner I would like to give you a few tips I have been taught or learned along the way. I was taught at a young age when cutting wood cut at a 45 degree angle so when your 2 pieces break free it isn't at a corner since corner pieces are prone to chipping out easier than face or side grain. And for my last comment the saw you used looked like a metal cutting blade in it. Got the job done but I found a good Japanese Ryoba saw will always come in handy for both rip and crosscutting. But once again the project looks really good and well designed.

Janos Horvath says:

you are the first channel ive ever seen go with the minimal tool approach and I wish more channels were like you. Not everyone in the world can get those super expensive power tool most other channels show, and for you to remember those of us on a budget really makes me want to watch your channel more. So, unlike all those other channels, im actually going to subscribe to this and see if there are more interesting builds in the future.

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