How to Make a Longboard // Scrap Project // DIY Project // Beginner Woodworking Project

How to Make a Longboard // Scrap Project // DIY Project // Beginner Woodworking Project

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Titebond 3 (Glue) –
Spray Adhesive –
Jig Saw –
Roundover Bit –
Double Sided Tape –
Longboard Trucks –
Epifanes Spar Varnish –
Clear Grip Tape –
Utility Blade –
Counter Sink Bit –


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Title: Stylish Indie Rock



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Keith DiSarno says:

6:22 Poor kitchen table. What did it ever do to you!?!?

Comrade Sergei says:

Bloody good result

AviaDIY says:

את ישראלית ?

Sterling Silver says:

I'm totally gonna make one! thanks for the video!

Countryside Workshop says:

That’s awesome! I have wanted to make one for a long time

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Turned out really well, I like the how the deck fades from light to dark!

Do It says:

A longboard is now officially on my list of things to make. Just found and subbed to your channel. So many inspiring projects! Can’t wait to catch up on all of them.

Manavk Varsakiya says:

Good job mem

Mikhandmaker says:

Great look! I love it

Colum Black-Byron says:

Just found your channel, subbed! Bet your daughter is happy!

GraceDcastle says:

Awesome! I wish I could make my own but I don't have any equipment neither where to get the wheels and the other stuff :/

christopher dustin says:

Very nice project. It looks like your daughter really enjoys the long board.
You said your having problems following the lines with your jigsaw.
From what it looks like in the video, you may be pushing forward too heard forcing the saw I to the wood and not allowing the blade to do the work for you.
By doing this you will have a hard time staying on line and your cuts will be very ruff, leaving lots of splinters on the cut edge of the wood.
Keep the great videos coming
Great work.

Know What Mom Knows says:

You did great Tamar!! Wowzer!! It makes me wonder if this could be made out of sawdust???? Hhhmm you should try entering my Sawdust challenge as it runs until September 1st 😀great build!!

Taylor Hubbell says:

Well, I'm inspired to make one now! Thanks Tamar! P.S. Question is now, where to introduce some brass…

Rémi Nelson says:

Well job ! Really happy to see your work

John Made it says:

nice build.. it always great to make things for the kids and better when they help make them..

Phillips Made says:

Awesome board! How do you make those hug templates for projects like these?

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