How to make a rainstick on the lathe ( pallet wood project )

How to make a rainstick on the lathe ( pallet wood project )

I made this instrument using pallet wood, rice and bamboo sticks. As the rice falls the bamboo sticks act as a slowing filter. The result is a sound that resembles to rain drops falling.

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NoahThreePew says:

I really like the no music, it's like a woodworking asmr

MR. MIRTH says:

reply to me pls pls notice me sempai

gabriel dai says:

this is beautiful!

mruziooo 3 says:

i love your thinks

cesar Augusto Selva Jimenez says:

Genial amigo, gracias.

Olhamo says:

lovely . really enjoyed watching this, and your scrap wood city aesthetic .

Age of Doom says:

Τι είπες τώρα! Καταπληκτικό. Ακόμη και σε μικρότερη κλίμακα για τα παιδιά.

Vasilis Papadopoulos says:

Τωρα πηρα χαμπαρι το βίντεο. Ωραιο!

Nick says:

I really like the lack of music, it makes the vid more relaxing. Good job and keep it up!

La Fabrique DIY says:

I love the cylinder technique and the resulting noise. Good job SWC !

Humus Workshop says:

Very well done man, great project!

Cactus! workshop says:

Nice! Im liking your instrument series!

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