How to make a wooden first aid cabinet – DIY

How to make a wooden first aid cabinet – DIY

I made this simple cabinet out of reclaimed pine boards. You can make it using a few basic woodworking tools.

Tools and materials I propose:
Cordless drill:
Random orbit sander:
Circular saw:
Speed square:
Miter box:
Hand saw:
Countersink bits:
No4 hand plane:
Block plane:
Chisel set:
Masking tape:
Picture frame clamp:
Corner clamps:
Flush trim saw:
6mm dowels:
Dowel center pin:

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Dimitris Korres says:

Μπραβο Δημητρη, παρα πολυ καλη δουλεια. Ευγε φιλε μου!!!

Charles Smith says:

I like the idea of the plexiglass sanding block. Thank you.

Manuel garcia franco says:

Muy buen trabajo con el botiquín, tiene un estilo muy bonito. Saludos.

Woodmaster Pete says:

Very nice, I should be ashamed for not having one made. My shop is like me, old and I am always looking for something else to build. Thanks…..

allea89 says:

Great Job, I like the use of recycled timber to make something useful. Well done and thanks for sharing it with us.

Henry Robinson says:

Very nice, bien hecho!

Kostas Annikas Deftereos says:

Ωραίος ρε φιλαράκι!!! Πραγματικά από την μέρα που έβαλα και εγώ στο εργαστήρι έχει φανεί πάρα πολύ χρήσιμο!!! Αλλά άχριαστο να ειναο!!

tobes jojo says:

i reqlly like this,pines one of my favourite woods.and i love simple digns that look great

Jim Campbell says:

@4:33 Oh no! Dowels everywhere! You'll be finding them for weeks. 😉

Jose Augusto says:

Parabéns ficou muito bom seu armário de remédios.

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