Incredible Homemade Bar Clamps | Diy Woodworking Project

Incredible Homemade Bar Clamps | Diy Woodworking Project

The performance of these homemade bar clamps / Panel clamps is Awesome! they might be my favorite shop clamp build of all. They will come in handy in many of my woodworking projects and are pretty straight forward to build.

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greengneerg says:

Great! I would recommend adding a convex edge (that comes in contact with the work piece) of the top bar of the clamp!

Lex Boegen says:

Very clever Izzy. I suggest using melamine board for the top of the T-bar, where the glue-ups will rest. Glue won't stick to melamine. I know you waxed the plywood, but the wax will wear off and need to be reapplied again. Using the dowels bearing against a ramp is a very good idea. Simple and strong.

Fed Rooster says:

I really wish I had an unlimited supply of straight plywood. These seem kind of bulky but cool and effective all the same.

almagill says:

I like it, I like it a lot!!

Can definitely see this on the 'make this for the shop' list.

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Izzy, brilliant !! Thank you

Alan Cluff says:

Maybe when you make the metal version you could put bearings on the end of the dowels to cut down friction.

Dwayne Burkholder says:

Totally great idea

rmiller10665 says:

Your approach to problem solving and design amazes me. How do you sleep at night?  Your mind must be purring 24 / 7 at a high rpm.  I enjoy your channel.

Herbie Herbert says:

Well it's just the type of clamp I was looking for. Your jigs are great. Thanks and keep them coming

Herbie Herbert
South Wales U.K.

Hotrod Hog says:

Love the idea! I don't have plywood but a ton of 2×4's and 2×6's, could I do this with them?

Peter Lisyak says:

Move over Bessey

Adam McClendon says:

I think the metal ones would make a great product!

Paul Murphy says:

I enjoyed this very much. Your ideas are always very innovative, but today’s offering is truly special. I probably like these as much as you do. You did ask for shared ideas, so I’ll chime in. How about if they were wall mounted, vertically to save space. You could have a panel gluing and not have to walk/work around it. For the end blocks HDPE might be a good material choice. Thank you.

acrprmann says:

Truth be told I’m several beers deep. But, I’m building these… tomorrow.

StepCorn Grumbleteats says:

Nice ! Other than adding a metal tube for the nut to bear against, I'll use these ! Thanx for your genius !

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