Make a simple DIY rolling cabinet out of OSB

Make a simple DIY rolling cabinet out of OSB

I made this simple wood shop cabinet out of 15mm OSB, lots of screws, casters and a piano hinge. This is a quick and dirty project.

Tools and materials I propose:
Circular saw:
Circular saw guide rail:
Corner clamps:
Hand saw:
Cordless drill:
Router bits:
Metal square:
Air compressor, nail and staple gun kit:
Angle grinder:
Grinder sanding disc adapter:
Table saw:
Piano hinge:
Countersink bits:

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Imso Pha'Rill says:

Wow…I'd really like to have the saw rail and guide, 4:50 but your links only show the base plate

Antonio García Luna says:


Μαντώ Αραμπατζή says:

Πολύ βοηθητικό το βίντεο.

Θέλω να φτιάξω κάτι αντίστοιχο για ντουλάπα μπάνιου που θα κλείνει μέσα το πλυντήριο, αλλά θα έχει και ράφια αποθήκευσης από πάνω. Δεν θέλω όμως να έχω αυτό το κόλπο κλεισίματος, αλλά να λειτουργούν τα φύλλα ως ντουλάπια. Πώς τα κλείνω σε τέτοια περίπτωση;

Και δεύτερο ερώτημα, είναι καλή ιδέα να βάλω πάτο στη ντουλάπα όπου θα πατάει το πλυντήριο; Θα βοηθάει στη στατικότητα του επίπλου ή να το αφήσω άπατο όπως το έπιπλο στο παρακάτω λινκ; Δεν θα βάλω ροδάκια εννοείται σε καμία από τις δύο περιπτώσεις.

Rose Wood Work says:

I like it!!! Looks very big though, I guess you have tons of new tools and things to organize. My space is much smaller than yours and I'm running out of ideas to keep everything organize…uh well…one day we will have a bigger space. Great job!!! 😀

ScrewDriver1983 says:

Give it a little bit of paint γκαρτνάσι and I'm sure it would look great.

alex kostakiotis says:

Πολυ καλο!

Creamy-Chichi-Jelly says:

Tried routing my OSB but its chips and particles makes the edge less clean cut. Any way to do this? I tried rubbing glue into the gaps to filled up any voids and it works abit better

WoodByAlex says:

cool video are you from spain?

Garenne01 says:

nice work and versatile cabinet. I agree with you, you'll must change the casters soon if you want to put all your tools in !!! 🙂

futublock says:

Podías haber atornillao las baldas ya que le has puesto ese peazo palo en tol medio

Margaritis Takis Kailos says:

πολύ ωραία το ντουπάπι βολικό και απλό! η ερώτηση μου είναι η εξής γιατί osb και οχι mdf; Το mdf δεν είναι πιο σκληρό και πιο "συμπαγές"για τέτοια κατασκευή;

Kostas Annikas Deftereos says:

Φοβερός ! Σίγουρα θα χρειαστείς καλύτερες ρόδες! Και αν πάρεις μην ξέρεις αυτές που έχουν λάστιχο από καουτσούκ γιατί διαλύουν!! Πολύ καλό παντός και έξυπνη η ιδέα με το ξύλο μπροστά!!!

Peter Compton says:

A very nice build. Unfortunately, you have cleaned up and made more space for extra tools ;D

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Great work on the cabinet Friend! i like the way it looks with the osb 🙂 Thanks for sharing the video with us.👍😎JP

Russ Veinot says:

Nice looking shop project. I am doing a video series on doing a whole wall with a miter saw station using only OSB. if I may, I am of the opinion that pocket holes are stronger than screwing into OSB plywood edge grain. Have enjoyed your channel for a long time. keep up the great videos.

Mark McCluney says:

Castors are wonderful, I'm in love with castors. I'm off to write a lovely song about castors. I enjoyed this vid (especially the bit with the castors.) Thank you. Castors, mmmmmmm…

Dave Varosyan says:

pretty good and useful cabinet you made. but only 1 question – why the strongening screws are so short? 1-1.5 cm? they must be at least 2.5 cm long, to grip those parts together

Eddy Yu says:

What a big cabinet ! Very beautiful too. You have a big place to locate it.

Bill Carroll says:

Great project, mate👍
Tool accumulation and bench top clutter is most definitely a pain in the backside.
You can fit a fair bit in that cabinet, decent size👌

Kenny Atkins says:

Well done, looks good.👍🥃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Dimitris Korres says:

Καλημερα Δημητρη, πολυ καλο το project σου. Μπραβο φιλε!!!!

Adam Rivera says:

what size screws did you use?

Lucas Wood & Art says:

Like it mate

StuffUCanMake says:

This is a very good build. Thanks for sharing.

Meront Feelta says:

A hairpin is a force. GooD)))))))

Nik Burton says:

Great build, Dimitri! Pretty sure you're going to need to upgrade those casters, though.

Wood turning - wood carving says:

Πολύ καλός!

Vasilis Papadopoulos says:

Ωραιο. Τωρα εχεις αρκετο χωρο για τα εργαλεία σου.

Sappho_Designs Fifi Gazepis says:

Nice build..good storage solution

Puștu stuparul says:

Thanks for the video . Keep up the good work

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