Most In-Depth Wood American Flag Build | Make Money Woodworking! | How to

Most In-Depth Wood American Flag Build | Make Money Woodworking! | How to

Step-by-step how I build my 19.5″ x 37″ wood american flags, so you can make your own, or try to sell them! Any Questions, Just Ask!
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Products Used:
Dremel 4000 with 34 acc. and 4 attachments – or
Dremel Dust Blower – or
Dremel Flex Shaft – or
Dremel Plunge Router – or
11-piece Carving Kit –
Dremel Versa Flame Butane Torch –
Star/Union Stencil –
Scorch Marker –
Titebond II Wood Glue –
1 1/4″ Brad Nails –
Hanging Cable 100ft. –
Rustoleum Satin Clear Coat –
Hand Saw and Miter Box –
Ridgid Miter Saw –
Ridgid Miter Saw Stand –
Ridgid Table Saw –
Ridgid Brad Nailer –

-Minwax Water-Based Clear Tint Base Stain, must be tinted at the store, I use Navy Blue and Crimson
-Pine lumber, the stripes for this size flag are 1.5″



John Builds It says:

I didn’t want to go into price detail too much because it greatly varies by location. What I sell them for locally here in my small Indiana town wouldn’t compare to bigger cities. I suggest looking to see what others are charging nearby, and then not beating their price, but beating their quality! Thanks for watching!

Tommy Staylor says:

8:36 how high of a sand lapped grid do you use

bleeke69 says:

good job man, looks great

Brent Weisenborn says:


William Rackley says:

Why are you making gang flags for the 🐖?

Ni9Ne says:

Have you thought about drawing the stars using woodburning tool? that might have an interesting aesthetic to it, maybe carve it then trace the outer part of the stars with woodburning and leave the inner part bare wood. idk just throwing ideas…

Zoozooshi Crazy says:

Abl has your flags on his wall. They look great. Have you seen them?

Boo-boo Lip says:

Can I purchase a flag from you?

Philip Marlow says:

That's a lot of work for just one
flag. And I would imagine it took
you a couple hours to do it too.

Amanda Billings says:

Maybe you don't realize it but the flag is red white and blue not blue and white. F*** the cops

Bruce Koblarchick says:

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 awesome thanks for the video

kelleydavis100 says:

Beautiful work, way to go!

J P says:

I want to use the thinnest boards possible to keep the thing lightweight. Not trying to buy a planer though….

Abner Rivera says:

Very nicely done, will def make one of these, or more to start selling them.

Taylor Miller says:

When the stencil is on, what are you using to mark the stars? I couldn't quite tell.

Jason Saner says:

I’ve always wondered how much work goes into making these items. Fabulous work you’ve done. It has given me some ideas I would like to work with. Is there a certain type of wood you use? Like pine or poplar or the like?

T Staur says:

Joe Rogan brought me here

Jasper Newcomb says:

Redbird sitting on a highline pole as the sun comes over the trees.
John Deere banging down a dusty road on the back of a summer breeze
Its mid July and the corn is high hot and dry its been
Indiana, Indiana going back to Indiana again….

Thats from Bill Wilson's Indiana Song if you never heard it you should look it up and give it a listen…..


Unknown Youtuber says:

Make them desks. Will sell like hot cakes

german nuñez says:

Américo Vespucio!!, AMERICAN FLAG????

Scrapple Samwich says:

See shit like this piss me off about Americans in this country. Everyone bitch about don't disrespect the flag but people continues to disrespect the flag and not even know that their doing the disrespect.
People my god there is a code of flag laws in this country and this man is disrespecting our flag but No one talks about that bullshit. But the country goes crazy about the shit people are doing with the flag and everything that has happened. This country is one big fucking joke and the people in it also.

rrr rr says:

about how much money to build it? and how much to sell?

Matt Cruse says:

This is an awesome video. That is some beautiful work!!!

Maliciosa19 says:


garrett toney says:

The flag with the blue line going through it is against the flag code fuck the blue line and fuck you for making those

guyfroml says:

Are these for sale? If so, how much before any shipping costs? Thanks!

Matt Bonner says:

What colors would you use to make a blue line flag for police officers?

Holleywood_ 65 says:

How do I buy one of your flags?

Colton Wilson says:

Damn this would be such an awesome way to make money. Fun to do, and something you can be proud of, money is just a bonus. I live on an army base and I know so many people would want one. Makes me wanna buy all these tools😂

the witness says:

how about the US civil flag instead of the ole "wartime" glory?

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